Which Character Would Do That?


Ismael is my baby!!! And I know that I say that about Aidan too, but… Ismael is my baby. My real baby XD

Which character hates having to engage in manual labor?


The main character’s sister, Winter.

Which character would pretend to have amnesia to get out of doing something, or going somewhere?



@AndRuinThePlot: Griffin, but him suddenly getting amnesia wouldn’t be too far-fetched, because he is the character that gets injured the most.

Which character would prefer pretty lies over the ugly truth?


Oh, maybe Kat. She likes to live in a ‘happy bubble’. Everyone else practically lives for each others brutal honesty.

Which character is most likely to cause a car crash?


Cain, even though he could drive drunk as if he were sober, is most likely to cause a car accident, because he doesn’t hesitate to drive tipsy. That recklessness is bound to back fire someday.

Which character is the coldest emotionally?


Colin. I never see him express any kind of emotion whatsoever. He’s so cold, especially to Nicole.

Which character worries too much?


Oh, no, wait. Do I like Cain? Don’t be killing off my favourites in a car crash! :rofl:

Hmm. Jules is both coldest and warmest. She tends to bounce between super friendly and affectionate, to cold hearted killer. Diagnose her as you will, she doesn’t mind :smiley:

Sorry @SVTSwrites I’m too slow. Definitely Avery.

Which character is the most physically affectionate? @RavensOfOld If you must say Griffin, I’d like to hear your 2nd most physically affectionate. :rofl:


Lol, that would suck if my characters died in a car accident. And yes, Griffin is the most physically affectionate. :joy: But besides him… Hm… Oooh, that’s hard… Cain to Winston, maybe? They’re pretty close and he feels protective of him the way an older brother would be overprotective of his little cub.

Which character is the most manipulative?


Good question. I’m not sure. Avery definitely has it in her, but we don’t see that for a while. I wouldn’t say manipulative, but Porter has a way of getting what he wants out of someone. He’s also good at getting the most out of someone, like a personal trainer / life coach.

Which character is the best at getting someone to ‘man up’?


Probably Ravenna? Because all of the Inquisitors are guys. And she expects blind obedience and for them to be tough when she needs them to carry out an order. She has expectations set and if you don’t meet them, then she can kick you out (and hurt you if you gave her a reason to). So all the guys kind of have to act however she wants them to. If she wants them to toughen up, then that’s what they’ll do. If she wants them to be honest, that’s what they’ll try to do. If she wants them to lie, then that’s what they’ll do. If she wants them to hurt someone else at her command, then that’s what most of them would do.

Which character would catch all the little details that most people overlook?


I hadn’t felt as sorry for Winston as I do right now, after reading that.
Avery. She’s a details kinda girl. She enjoys watching, and analysing everything.

Which character is most likely to have kids at a relatively young age?


Richard (Ravenna’s father) had her when he was in his early to mid 20s and her mother had her when she was in her very early 20s. It’s kinda the Griselda tradition to marry young. But as for the others, maybe Winston would accidentally be reckless while drunk and might accidentally get a girl pregnant. He’d definitely stick around for the girl and the baby though. He’s not leaving his child. Ever.

Which character is most likely to marry young?


Interesting answer, I love the background story you’ve got going on there.

Porter is the most likely to marry young. When Porter knows something, he knows, and when he commits to something, he commits fully.

Which character is most likely to volunteer at a homeless shelter?


Definitely Daphne or Griffin. Daphne isn’t really a part of TRR (she has a cameo in Chapter 2, but very minor). She does become more important in SOS. But Griffin definitely would spend the time to do that.

Which character has the biggest heart? (Not literally, lol.)


Well fu- mutters frantically XD I guess I’m in deep shit now, huh? And I suppose that Aidan has the biggest heart, but Mistral is surprisingly up there as well.

Which character would your friends love?


I’m still up for the “main chick” position if Kieran’s searching for a replacement. :smirk: My friends seem to think Winston is a smol beanie that needs protection and a lot of love. And they think Griffin is a ray of sunshine.

Which character would you marry and why?


Definitely either Margo or Lucy. Both of them are incredibly sweet and intelligent but also manage to be badass and confident at the same time.

Which character often feels alone?


Winston. He rarely ever feels like he has someone. He always feels alone, even when he’s surrounded by many others.

Which character hides their emotions the most effectively?


Jules. I’m not sure if she even has a heart. Porter ceases up a lot of the time, but it’s obvious that somethings on his mind. Avery pretty much tells it as it is, except with Katherine, she enjoys her company way more than she will admit.

Which character lies the most?


Colin. Lies about everything. Lies about having a great life. Lies about being good to his wife. Lies about being faithful to her. Lies about never hurting her.

Which character would learn martial arts?