Which Character Would Do That?


I’ve heard a few things about this Colin, I don’t like him.
Porter would learn martial arts, he’d probably teach his martial arts teacher a few things too!

Which character would sell an organ on the black market?


No thanks, all is well here :relaxed: :rofl: and oh god, I don’t know. I honestly can’t say that I think any of them would XD

Which character is the most law-abiding?


DAMMIT, KIERAN. WAS IT BECAUSE I SHIPPED YOU AND RAVEN IN THE BEGINNING? IS THAT IT? IS THAT WHY YOU HATE ME? shakes head disappointingly. Lol, and I think Draven is the most law-abiding. He follows the rules and wouldn’t break them unless he had a good, justifiable reason for doing so.

Which character is the most passive aggressive?


Daniel. He might not start a fight outright, but he would definitely call people out or make rude/sarcastic comments.

Which character would propose on the jumbotron?


If anything, he would consider Raven one of the only women worthy of his attentions, me notwithstanding :smirk: and I can totally see Aidan doing this. Spur-of-the-moment, hey-will-you-marry-me? XD

Which character seems destined to live their life alone?


AH DAMMIT. ALL THE MORE REASON TO BE JEALOUS OF RAVEN. (Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind those two getting together. But don’t tell Kieran that. He still belongs with me. :smirk::smirk:) And I think Winston’s destined to be alone and die alone.

Which character is most likely to lose their car keys?


Let me tell you, I have all of my MCs’ love lives set :wink: and this would be Aidan. Surprisingly, I can also see Raven in a rush and forgetting where she’d left them, as well.

Which character would be a terrible driver?


I’m hoping that I’d be Kieran’s love interest, but we all know that ain’t happening. :joy: I’M SOOO CURIOUS. LIKE, IF IT’S NOT GONNA BE ME, KIERAN BETTER HAVE A LOVE INTEREST WHO’S WORTHY (even if he is a douchey-douche). And Griffin would actually try to be a careful driver (wow, what a surprise), but he’s still be a tad bit clumsy. A bit. Just a tiny bit. I think Winston’s a lousy driver, no offense to him. He doesn’t suck, but he’s far from good at it.

Which character would accidentally crash into a fire hydrant?


I think Dom is literally the worst driver ever. And I mean ever. Elena questions how he ever got his driver’s license. Elena’s the best driver I’ve seen. When Dom says, “I’m driving!” Elena’s like “you really want me to die, don’t ya?”

Which character is the worst driver ever?


Margo due to a particularly frightening moment involving a schizophrenia-induced visual hallucination.

Which character could outrun something dangerous?


Literally? Nicole. Best runner ever, considering she was a really good softball player in high school. But in terms of conning them and tricking them, Colin. He may be dumber than a box of rocks, but his street smarts make him look like Einstein.

Which character would cheat off someone on a test?


Oh trust me, she’s worthy :smirk: :smirk: and Aidan totally would. Raven might out of boredom, too XD

Which character would open a restaurant?


Is she your self-insert? :smirk: If so, I wouldn’t blame you. :joy: And I feel like Cain would be down for that if he actually had the time for it. Running a legitimate business would give him a good excuse to money launder and get away with it.

Which character would diagnose everyone, even if they aren’t a doctor?


She actually is XD let’s see if you can figure out who she is :smirk: :wink: and Kieran would totally do this. The diagnoses would probably all be correct, too XD

Which character enjoys a criminal lifestyle the most?


If I’ve met her already, then, yes, yes, I think I know. If I haven’t met her yet… I’ll keep my eye out. :smirk: And of course he’d be right. He’s Kieran. :joy: And Cain definitely enjoys the criminal lifestyle a lot. He takes pride in it and is perfectly content with how he lives his life (even if Winston is not).

Which character is the most stuck-up?


One of my antagonists, Ella Barnett. She’s very concerned with how people perceive her being a performer and the face of the magic show, but a power unique to her also might have something to do with it.

Which character would get in a fistfight in a parking lot at 2 AM?


Mmm. Honestly? Probably Doll Lance. She’d for sure win, though.

Which character would rather die than give a public speech?


I feel like this would be Raven, for some bizarre reason XD

Which character is the weakest physically?


(obviously I have different weaklings in different stories, but for the MZA:)
Chris Tzar. She’s got nothing.

Which character would miss class bc they lost track of time?


Hehehe Elena. She’d be in McDonald’s, and then she’d be like “crap I’m late for English!” And then she’d run as fast as she could.

Which character would go to the bathroom during class and never come back?