Which Character Would Do That?


Probably – for sure – that’d be Jade. Girl’s a piece of work.

Which character would cut/dye their hair because of a breakup?


I feel like this would totally be Raven if a guy ever broke up with her. Except, it’s usually her breaking up with the guys, if you consider their liaisons substantial enough to be “broken up”.

Which character would stalk their crush on social media?


Oh Jaron. He did that for years.

Which character would get mad at someone for kissing them?


Depends on who it is. Nicole would get mad if she was dating. If she hated the person, then she’d be like “no way.”

Which character would cheat?


mm haha I don’t know. I don’t tend to like that sort of person, so don’t normally write them.

wait nevermind Juliet.

Which character would would start their own business successfully?


Dom probably. Smart guy, I tell you.

Which character would learn another language?


Which character hasn’t? lol I’m always impressed by ppl who can speak more than one, so a lot of my fave characters do.

I’m going to go with Rollan on this one, though. He only speaks the one, but he’d learn more if he could.

Which character would write a Justin Bieber fanfic?


I can’t say that I think any of them would ahahahah XD

Which character is the most outcast from society?


Winston. Definitely Winston. He’s treated like actual garbage.

Which character would have the hardest time falling in love?


Doll Lance.

Which character would stay single their whole life?


Winston. He’s never gonna fall in love ever again. Not over his dead body.

Which character would eat a second meal, despite the fact that they’re not hungry?


I’m really starting to feel bad for this Winston guy, Raven.

Mm. Cyrus? I feel like he might.

Which character would use perfect grammar & spelling in their texts?


Me too. Poor thing. And Draven would definitely use perfect grammar and spelling with periods and punctuation. Ravenna’s would be near perfect.

Which character would cheat on a test?


Jade. Didn’t even have to think about it.

Which character would tell on someone for cheating on a test?


All the main characters are part of an organization that no one’s tattles on (even if they should), so I doubt they’d tattle on someone else for something minor. Daphne would, just because it’s unfair to everyone else who actually worked hard for it.

Which character is most likely to land in jail and why?


Aidan would probably land in jail, due to a sloppy execution of one of his missions. He’s more likely to land in a more… private… institute, though.

Which character is the most widely disliked by the other characters?


Winston, Ravenna, and Maurice. Those are the ones at the top of my head. Cain is more admired and an object of fascination than someone the community dislikes, so I’m reluctant to include him.

Which character would take years just to say “I love you”?


Damian Ross.

Which character would change their name because they don’t like it?


Hmm… they all like their name. I mean, when Nicole got married, she was forced to take her husband’s last name. She hates having her husband’s last name, so she says if she ever gets divorced, then she’ll revert back to her maiden name (Wilson).

Which character has the most siblings?


that sounds like a strange relationship :joy:

Riona has the most – two? that’s seriously the most in my book :rofl::rofl: I need to fix that

Which character is the quietest?