Which Character Would Do That?


Well, it’s because Colin’s abusive towards Nicole. And as for your question, well, it’s definitely not Elena (Nicole’s sister). She has a very sharp tongue and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Well, Nicole was kinda forced to be quiet because if she talked back to Colin (her husband) then she’d get beat.

Which character has an accent?


Cain has a mix of a Texan and Californian accent, because he was raised in Dallas at the age of 8 and lived in SoCal ever since, but he still lived with two parents with a Texan accent, so that part of him never died. It just got mixed in with a newer Californian accent.

Which character is the least self-aware?


Hmmm… Nicole’s not self aware to the fact that Colin is slowly killing her. His beatings got worse and worse over time, and Nicole just iced the bruises and carried on with her day. One day, she’s not going to survive Colin’s beatings.

Which character would kill their child’s killer?


Cain. He’d kill anyone who hurt someone he loved. Doesn’t even have to involve murder or his child in order to equal vengeance.

Which character would travel the world just to have a reason to spend their money?


Ahaha that made me laugh. I don’t even know, considering they’re all insanely cost efficient. If she had a little bit to splurge, then Nicole. She wants to see the world, as she loves to travel.

Which character would probably get migraines every day?


Chris, just because she spends all day staring at her laptop.

Which character would kiss a frog if it told her it was a prince?


Lmfao I can totally see Nicole doing that, as she loved animated princess movies as a kid. She’d do it, and then she’d cry because he wasn’t a prince.

Which character would throw a ball at the wall to pass time?


Winston, but when the ball doesn’t bounce back the way he wants it to, he’d stop before it goes berserk and smashes something. Griffin would keep doing it until it landed somewhere far away and he’d cry internally, because he has to get up from his seat to get it back. Then he’d sit back down and the cycle repeats. He doesn’t know the definition of “give up”.

Which character would do “he/she loves me, he/she loves me not” with a rose because they genuinely have no other way to know if the person they like likes them back?


Omg I’m so sure Elena did that as a child :joy: She had a huge crush on a boy, so she’d do that with a flower, and she’d have Nicole help her. Nicole would be like “what is going on?”

Which character would lose all their money on a game show?


Lol, Griffin is the “go big or go home” type, so he’d win it all, gamble it all, and end up losing it all. Then, he’d cry about it afterward with all his friends, before realizing that he’s hella lucky to have such supportive friends and money was insignificant to him.

Which character feels emotions the most strongly?


Nicole definitely. Elena kinda hides her emotions and suppresses them. Nicole’s a cinnamon roll on the inside. She’d cry for you, and she’d give you so much love.

Which character from Phoenix is your favorite so far?


Probably Nicole, because I admire her perseverance and how she doesn’t let Colin destroy her. She’s a Phoenix.

Which character from SOS do you have high expectations for? (Feel free to interpret however you wish.)


Hmmm… really good question… probably Griffin, because you’ve described him to be an extra large cinnamon roll, so I expect nothing less. So far, I have not been let down. He’s a total cinnamon roll.

Which character from Phoenix are you neutral about?


He really is. And I guess Dom and Elena. I mean, they seem really cool and all and judging by what you say, I like them, but they remind me a lot of Anthony and Sonia and since I haven’t read Phoenix yet, I don’t know what makes them them and I don’t know what makes them special or different. (I hope that makes sense. They’re still cool though.)

Which top three characters from SOS are your favorites and why? (You can shorten or extend the number however you wish.)


Ah gosh… not Ravenna, that’s for sure :joy: But that’s actually an easy question. Cain, Winston, and Griffin. Winston is like me (curses a ton, and hates their brother XD) but I have a bit of Griffin in me (goofy, and I always make bad puns XD). Cain is a wise guy, and I really like him. I haven’t seen much of Daphne to favor her, so I didn’t say her. But I love all three.

Which character from Phoenix do you think will surprise you?


My first thought was Mark, because I know nothing about him besides that he’s Colin’s friend who’s nice to Nicole, but that’s about it, so I can’t really judge him. But my next thought was Tanya, because who knows… When I actually meet her, I might hate her more than I already do.

Which SOS character’s mental health concerns you the most and why?


I almost thought that said Phoenix, and I would’ve answered that XD. But tie between Ravenna and Winston. Winston seems like he’s on his breaking point. I’m really worried about him. Ravenna… well, that’s self explanatory XD.

Which character would probably cake their face with makeup for a party?


None, actually. I don’t think any of them would. Ravenna is very proud of her natural beauty and doesn’t wear makeup. If it’s a special occasion, then she might wear a subtle lip gloss and some mascara, just to enhance.

Suppose your character got into an argument. Which character would continue stubbornly arguing, even after they silently realized they were wrong?


Elena. Oh gosh, that’s so Elena. Elena’s the Phoenix version of Sonia… only difference is she’s a brunette and a little bit on the softer side.

Suppose someone was getting married. Which character would scream out “I OBJECT!” in front of the whole audience?


Winston at Ravenna’s wedding with Maurice. :joy::joy::joy::joy: Lol, jk, jk. Actually, in all honesty… He’d probably be really angry, because as much as Ravenna is a b*tch, even she doesn’t deserve that pretty piece of garbage. But in general, I think Cain would definitely do that. He’s bold that way and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. If he openly objects to a marriage, it would also mean he noticed something really toxic.

Which character would cry if they dropped their ice cream on the burning cement?