Which Character Would Do That?


Cry? None of them? XD Raven would be a little pissed, though.

Which character could become a successful politician?


Maurice, maybe? His dad’s a Senator and has a lot of political experience, so it’ll be easier for him to slide into the field. I’m sure he doesn’t want to get into politics though, but he’d have an advantage.

Which character would take a million years just to finally admit “I love you”?


clears throat Elena, why don’t you say this? sees her glaring at me Come on! We both know it’s true! And yeah, because of the fact that she’s really bullheaded, and doesn’t show her emotions too much. It would take a while.

Which character would cry if they were proposed to? (other than Daphne)


Winston would cry for multiple reasons:

  1. He can’t and refuses to believe that someone loves him enough to want to spend the rest of their life with him.

  2. He swore never to fall in love again and this person is making this really hard for him.

  3. He knows deep down that he just can’t be a husband. He’d disappoint them and possibly leave them as a widow and he just doesn’t want to drag anyone down with him.

Which character wouldn’t cry, even if someone they loved died?


Aww Winston you cinnamon roll… I love his character. Griffin’s a total cinnamon roll, while Winston’s a cinnamon roll internally :slight_smile: . I think Elena would keep a straight face. But then again, it depends on who it is. If Robert died, then she’d be sobbing. Robert is the Wilson siblings’ hero and role model. They’d all be hysterical. Colin wouldn’t cry under any circumstances. Period.

Which character would hack into your Google account just so that they could read spoilers on your story? (my friends want to do this so badly lol. They were even trying to figure out my password lol)


Griffin would consider it, but would immediately back out and feel bad (remember that time he was conflicted about whether or not he’d read Sonia’s personal diary? Yeah, like that, except hacking is another level of betrayal.) Cain (being the expert hacker that he is) would totally do that. (Lol, your friends are clever for even thinking of that.)

Which character would beat everyone at UNO?


And a little bit insane lol. Back at the time, I wrote INI on an account that was very easy to guess the password. I abandoned that version, and copied it onto my personal account so that I could work on it a bit more freely. It worked XD

Haha and Elena. She’s a master at cards, so she’d crush everyone at uno. Can’t tell you how many times Nicole got upset because of that XD

Which character would purposefully shuffle the cards in a deck badly?


(Me. I did that. :joy:) And Griffin would, but he’s not that stealthy, so Winston would catch on almost immediately. Cain would, but he’d be so subtle that he could do that every single time and no one would suspect him.

Which character would accidentally murder someone?


Wouldn’t be surprised if Colin beat Nicole to death honestly. Considering he can probably lose it with his temper

Which character would accidentally poison someone?


Cain. Don’t know why. He might be trying to clean a crime scene and end up having something poisonous on him. I don’t know, but he seems like the type who’d likely have something dangerous, even if he woulsn’t intentionally use it.

Which character do you swoon over?


Welp I believe we’ve been over this. But let’s add Ismael to the list, just for good measure–a healthy dose of jealousy never hurt anybody… right?? XD

Which character would you want as a son or daughter?


It’s “healthy” for a reason. :joy::joy: I’d like Draven as a son. Or Austin. Both hard-working young men with bright futures. And very respectful and polite too.

Which character would take a million years to get ready?


For what? Assuming that “a million years” is hyperbole, anyway, Raven and Mistral both enjoy having a lengthy amount of time to preen themselves before public appearances.

Which character wakes up looking like they stepped off a catwalk?


Nicole. She’s so effortlessly gorgeous, even if she doesn’t admit it. (She looks just like AnnaSophia Robb).

Which character would time travel?


Aww, I used to love her in those old movies (like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Because of Winn-Dixie). I remember answering this question before, but don’t remember my answer… Maybe Winston. Just to turn back time to fix a lot of mistakes and regrets. Maybe even prevent his own birth.

Which character is most likely to turn into a serial killer?


NO Winston, I forbid it! You need to have been conceived so you can grow up and stop hating Ravenna and marry her and have lots of adorable blond-haired, grey-green- eyed babies!! (There, my wishes for the ship are out in the open–hate me all you want! XD) And I don’t know if any of them would become serial killers, with everything that entails. Mistral and Raven would probably be good at it, though XD

Which character would love to be able to fly?


LMAOOO. If I hated you for shipping them, then I may as well hate my whole fan-base. :joy::joy: But like… Blonde haired, grey-green eyed babies would grow up to be really good-looking, not gonna lie, lol.

And Griffin. But he’d be bored of it quickly, because if he flies off, then he’ll be lonely up in the skies. And I can’t drag people up with him unless he were Superman. :joy:

Which character would be grateful for their exes? (Like Ariana Grande, lol.)


F*ck yes lmao. And is that a hint…? XD And Raven would definitely be grateful for her exes–even if only a tiny fraction of them were actually in a relationship with her XD

Which completely normal character would be best friends with a sociopath?


I don’t know… Is it? :joy::joy: And that’s a really good question… Hm… I know some sociopathic characters, but their close friends I don’t know that well. I guess Ravenna. She’ll likely to end up surrounding herself with those type of people (as you’ll see very, very soon). Yes, Ravenna isn’t a sociopath, even if she does have tendencies (sometimes so prominent, Winston wants to punch her). She’s more of an insecure narcissist than anything.

Which character would punch someone just to make them shut up?


Clyde without a doubt. And he has multiple times.

Which character does everyone find annoying?