Which Character Would Do That?


I don’t think that any of them would be able to pick one character whom they all find universally annoying XD

Which character would become a famous singer and then decide that they’re bored and stop producing music?


Savannah or Sabrina would probably become famous singers on accident and realize quickly they hate what they’re doing.

Which character is the most odd?


Odd? Hm maybe Ami?

Which character would do homework due that day on the bus to school?


Winston. Definitely Winston. Except he’d do homework from other classes in the periods before the aforementioned class.

Which character would spend hours procrastinating?


Oh that one’s me.
haha, Kiara might procrastinate too.

Which character would play the whole breakup-and-makeup game?


Jasmine and Elliot are no strangers to breaking up and getting back together. Such a toxic relationship.

Which character would you save from a burning building?


Griffin. He’s too precious and does not deserve to die.

Which character would post random things on social media, just for the likes?


Ben. :sunglasses:

Which character would get a nose ring?


Raven would, and she’d rock it.

Which character would make a good thug?


Elliot would be an amazing thug. He’s already up to shady and suspicious things.

Which character is likely to start a family and run off missing the lives of their children?


Definitely Jack. Clyde might too but he’d feel guilty and eventually return.

Which character would be willing to babysit?


Uh. Zaifyr, maybe?

Which character would forget to study for a final?


Probably Raven, but she’d most likely ace it anyway.

Which character is the most intelligent?


In the straight up smart category but makes horrible awful decisions, it’s a tie between Medora and Jason. In the generally smart and has more than brain cells than all the major and minor characters combined category is Kaylee.

Who has become an urban legend/cryptid in their local area?


I don’t think anyone has.

Which character would dye their hair?


Adyln? I can see her going for purple streaks.

Which character would kill an innocent to save a loved one?


Oh that’s a good question… not Colin. Nicole would do it for her dad, but her dad would be like “Nicole! You should’ve let that person live! I’ve lived my life.”

Which character is the oldest?


Adyln. She’s hundreds of years old, I think.

Which character would marry for money?


Tanya technically already did that, but for Nicole. After Robert (Nicole’s dad) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the family’s finances took a turn for the worst. When Nicole finished high school, Tanya forced her to get married to a really rich guy so that it would help their finances. So technically, Tanya did that.

Which character would get drunk at a bar?


Raliah Vangard

Which character would fall asleep watching the Avengers?