Which Character Would Do That?


Of course not :smirk: :smirk: I don’t hear you complaining, though. And I don’t think any of them would get addicted to Fortnite lol.

Which character is the busiest?


I mean, if Kieran took the time to notice me (as well as put in the effort to murder my self-control), I wouldn’t complain. :joy::joy:

Probably Richard, as an important businessman who needs to work almost daily and travels for his job.

Which character is most likely to join the military?


Nobody would, lol :smirk: unless, of course, he was doing all of that for a more nefarious reason.

I feel like Raven would excel in the military. She’s got that brutal mindset, and her bitchiness paired with her self-defense training would quickly teach people not to mess with her. She’d be better as a spy though–which, essentially, is what she is, I suppose XD

Which character would dance along to a Taylor Swift song?


KIERAN, YOU BETTER NOT PLAY WITH MY FEELINGS. OR ELSE… I’LL CHOOSE AIDAN (and I’ll murder you… Jk, he’d kill me as soon as I get within a two feet radius) (Also, Raven’s badass. XD)

Griffin, but not in public. He’d dance and bob his head to “Shake it Off”, until he gets caught and starts blushing like a tomato.

Which character is most likely to be a cheater? (In a relationship.)


That’s easy, Caleb. He actually does cheat at one point.

Which character is most likely to stay in on a Friday night and read instead of going out with friends?


Draven. That’s what he does all the time.

Which character is most likely to throw a tantrum about not being able to have things their way?


Uh yeah he’d kill you as soon as you got within a two hundred foot radius. But he’d probably just send several assassins after you instead–you know, for efficiency’s sake :relaxed: :rofl:

Raven is literally my role model ahahah.

Ohmygod Griffin is the most adorable thing ever fjkznjnsd XD hmm I don’t think any fo them would throw a tantrum. They’d just try harder XD


Awwwww, how am I supposed to be with him if I’m two hundred feet away? :sob: (Kieran, you asshole.)

That’s the best thing about him. That and his looks. And his house…err…“manor”. In Ireland. And his spy cameras. And his cunning mind that thought, “Oh hey, I can put a hidden camera in the toilet.” UGH, KIERAN, WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT, YOU ARE MAKING THIS VERY DIFFICULT FOR ME.

I KNOW, RIGHT? (Lol, just realized you didn’t add a question.)

Which character would be the worst cook?


Only if he thought you were going to murder him, don’t worry :wink:

His efficiency certainly is admirable :joy: his looks even more so. Eh, the manor would be nice if it wasn’t so empty hint hint :smirk: :rofl: his cunning mind is probably the biggest turn-on for me–although then again, there’s his looks… :sneezing_face: :grimacing: yes, he’s very good at making things difficult, isn’t he?

Gah of course XD :woman_facepalming:t4:

Kieran, without a doubt. He is very lacking in the department of practical skills XD

Which character is the most forgetful?


Awww, Kieran, never. (Not unless you were being a real douchey-douche.)

:joy::joy::smirk::smirk: True, that.

Lol, the biggest turn-on for me was the fact that he put a hidden camera in the toilet. :smirk::smirk:

Definitely Griffin. Whenever the teacher is like, “Turn in your essay”! And he’d be like, face expressionless, tone totally serious for once, “… We had an essay?! Since when?”

Which character would beat themselves up for making a minor mistake?


How did I guess? :rofl:

Kieran would lol–he doesn’t make mistakes. But in his case, even “minor mistakes” involve a lot more responsibility than they would for anyone else.

Which character has the strangest hidden talent?


Griffin can detect sadness like a puppy. And he acts like a little puppy sometimes. And he’s as confused as a little puppy. And he pawed at Winston’s arm like a puppy in that one chapter. (It’s confirmed. Griffin is a cinnamon roll puppy.) Ravenna’s talent is the ability to detect bullshit from a mile away, even it’s a stranger (in that case, she takes the opportunity of a first meeting to learn about them through their body language, trying to detect any weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or habits.) The person smiles too widely, even though they aren’t a generally happy person, while also fidgeting, something they usually never do? Bullshit, it is.

Which character is the best at remembering names?


Dawwww I love him XD Kieran and Raven both have keen memories and can easily match a face to a name. Aidan will remember the face, but not the name. Mistral will remember the voice, even if she’s never seen the person. So basically, Kieran and Raven lol.

Which character has the most frequent mood changes?


Aww, don’t we all? XD

Same, though.

Winston. One moment, he’s ready to snap your neck, the next moment, “You know, you ain’t so bad.” (This does not apply to Ravenna, btw. XD) I guess this would also apply to Cain. One moment, he’s pissed at you and is blowing steam out his nose, and the next moment, he’s buying you a free drink you never asked for.

Which character would buy you a free drink you never asked for?


Aidan would–especially if “you” is a pretty girl :smirk: :woman_facepalming:t4: :rofl:

Which character has the most bad habits?


Oof, Colin. Alcoholic, abusive, possessive… I could go on and on.

Which character would accidentally get eyeliner all over their eyelid when trying to apply it?


None of my MCs but there’s a side character named Francesca who I can see doing this lol.

Which character is the least makeup-savvy?


Nicole. She’s a natural beauty, so I don’t see her caking on makeup.

Which character would spill beer all over themselves?


I could see Winston doing that, tipping over his chair, putting a beer bottle lazily at the edge of his lips. And Cain (as he’s cackling on the inside) tips it upwards and makes it spill all over Winston, as he collapses off his chair and the beer bottle drops to the hard floor. To teach him a “lesson” (lol, Cain sounds like my teachers).

Which character is the mother/father of their group?


I feel like Dominic is the wise father that everyone listens to in the Wilson sibling clan. Elena is like that badass best friend that you need to have. Nicole is the shy, submissive girl that you can never get mad at.

Which character would be jealous of Nicole’s beauty?