Which Character Would Do That?


I was going to say Ravenna, but she’s too vain and knows that she herself is already beautiful. There isn’t any other girl I can think of that would hate or dislike Nicole just because of her looks, so none.

Which character would choose not to attend college?


Thanks for specifying the choice. I think Tanya would choose not to go to college, because she hated school.

Which character would graduate and get the hell away from everyone the second after they get their diploma?


WINSTON. I swear, he’s just gonna graduate high school, just for his mother, then just abandon everyone and everything and just go off with Cain. He’d never have to see Ravenna, Maurice, Nathaniel, or any other annoying face ever again. Just abandon and shed his past, basically.

Which character is the most emotionally detached?


Kinda Nicole. I guarantee you, she’s going to have anxiety and trauma after going through what she did with Colin. I’m telling you, it isn’t pretty at all.

Which character is the tallest?


Probably Channing at 6’2 (minor character that you’ll meet in SOS).

Which character is a history nerd?


(oh yeah he’s on the football team. I remember). And Dominic all the way. I mean, Elena liked school, but she hated US history, because she didn’t find anything interesting about it. She’s great at World History, especially European history, but Dominic is good at all kinds of history. (maybe he can tutor Winston :joy:)

Which character would make the worst puns ever?


This is totally Aidan’s thing XD

Which character has the worst temper?


COLIN. Oh man, he has the worst temper I’ve ever seen. That prick does not take no for answer, no matter what you say or do. If you say no, he’ll explode, and force you to do whatever he asked or commanded you to do.

Which character would write smut?


Hell, yeah. Better than having Ravenna as a tutor. :joy::joy:
And I could see Cain doing that, just as a joke and Winston somehow manages to get a hold of it and is like, “Dude… Your writing’s not that bad. Just fix your handwriting. It looks like shit.”

Which character is most likely to be ambidextrous?


I can see them all having trained themselves to be, but Kieran is the most likely to be naturally ambidextrous. That’s just the kind of person he is–when it rains, it pours XD

Which character would love to have lived in Ancient Rome?


Ooh Dom. As an history guy, he would’ve loved to live there.

If someone sneezed across the hall, which character would yell, “BLESS YOU!” across the hall and make a fool out of themselves?


GRIFFIN. 100%. He actually would do that. Heck, he probably already does. Except he wouldn’t make a fool out of himself, because everyone likes him. People would probably laugh or snicker, while Ravenna’s just next to him like, “Seriously? You’re kidding me, right? Are you trying to assassinate me?”

Which character would get an F on their test, then act like they don’t care, even though they’re crying on the inside?


Ohohoho Elena. She is the most passive-aggressive girl on the planet. She’d be like “An F. Okay, I’ll do better next time.” When on the inside, she’s like “AN F? NO, GODDAMMIT! I THOUGHT I STUDIED ENOUGH FOR THIS TEST. DAMMIT, DOM! I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE BORROWED YOUR NOTES FROM TWO YEARS AGO!”

Which character would get an A, and then be like “pfft, okay.”?


Ravenna. She’d be like, “A 99%? Seriously? Come on, I deserved 100% for that!”

Suppose your character’s classmate called them stupid for getting an 80% on their test. But then your character realizes that they had the exact same score. Which character would laugh, because their classmate was indirectly calling themselves stupid? (Lol, true story that happened to my friend. He laughed so hard.)


Lol that would so be Elena. Man, she’d be like “wait, you got the same score yourself! Ha, you just called yourself stupid! Frankly, that’s no shocker to me.”

Which character would get involved in foreign politics?


This is basically Kieran’s life lol.

Which character would love to be able to time travel?


Winston. To change and prevent lots of things from happening. Including his own birth (and getting involved with Ravenna).

Which character has the most connections?


Colin, with Nicole’s family coming in at a really close second. Colin works for a multimillionaire company, so the connections are nice. Nicole’s family is old money wealthy, so they still have a few connections. Some shadier than the others

Which character would try to date Nicole?


Maurice. He’d buy her flowers, take her shopping, maybe even lend her money to make up for some of the Wilsons’ lost wealth. But that last bit would depend on whether he actually likes her or not. If she’s just a toy, it won’t last long enough for that to happen.

Which character is the pickiest with their food?


Not Nicole. Hell, she loves food. She’d down everything at a buffet lol. I think Colin is the pickiest. He makes sure everything is perfectly seasoned, with no burnt pieces or anything.

Which character would engage in something that’s really disgusting and looked down upon?