Which Character Would Do That?


I think if the public and the world knew the truth about Carter Colton (Maurice’s Senator father), he’d be impreached out of office so quickly. I think the bad things Maurice has done will be a bit more excused, because none of it is exactly illegal in the eyes of the law. But in the eyes of the public, he’d still be scorned if his wrongdoings are ever leaked. The world would be a lot tougher on his father, because he’s a political figure, committed crimes, is an adult (unlike Maurice), and someone who the world knows left his family. Maurice is technically still a kid (under 18) and the worst that could be exposed about him is harassment/bullying.

Which character has the hardest time accepting a truth they don’t like?


Nicole, the poor baby. She has such a big heart, and she sees the good in everyone, so she’d be heartbroken when she hears the truth. She’d be like “no. no NO!”

Which character wouldn’t believe their lover cheated on them?


Daphne. She wouldn’t believe it. She just wouldn’t be able to believe that someone she loved had wronged her. She sees the good in everyone. Griffin would have a difficult time and would be in denial for so long that he still wouldn’t believe it, even when his lover is making out with someone else right in front of him.

Which character hides the most secrets?


Colin, and you’ll see why really soon. Technically, Nicole does too, but it’s all because of Colin. She can’t reveal them.

Which character would rob a bank?


Cain has robbed banks several times. It was revealed in the most recent chapter that he has never been charged for it.

Which character would understand subtle hints instantly? (Basically quick-witted.)


Oh Eris, all the way. She loves riddles and mysteries, no stranger to sin and essentially a genius.

Which character would give their child an awful name?
ie Cellphone or Reginald Augustus Sentrius VII


Elliot would give his child an awful because he’s just an awful person. He only cares about himself and and only dates for sex. He could care less about having kids.

Which character is likely to have a mental breakdown?


Winston if he hasn’t had one already.

Which character is the most controlling?


That’s tough… probably Axel’s father.

Which character has the best ideas?


Kieran, being a literal genius. Raven isn’t far behind, though. Not very far behind at all, to be hoenst XD

Which character do you sympathize with the most?


Winston. Shit’s never been good for him and probably never will be. He has family issues, trust issues, social issues, bad connections, trauma, etc.

Which character would be the worst babysitter and why?


Which character doesn’t drink alcohol


Ravenna. She’s only ever tried wine once for a special occasion, but she doesn’t drink.

Which character has the weirdest mannerisms?


Margo scratches her ear when she eats blueberries.

Which character is likely to want to become a cop?


Ooh that would have to be Elena. She’s a bold girl, so being a cop would be of no hassle.

Which character would serve in the military?


George would serve in the military. He’s organized and wants everyone to be safe and secure.

Which character desperately needs a vacation?


Oof, it’s gotta be Nicole. She needs a break from Colin and life.

Which character smokes?


Elliot smokes. He loves smoking because he can feel the fire in him.

Which character spend too much time on the internet?


I don’t think anyone does. They all are hard working.

Which character would post the most random things on their Instagram?


Griffin would post whatever he feels like posting, so he’d have like 1k posts, 50% pictures and 50% random thoughts he had in the shower, or while watching Spongebob, or just while he’s doing a math test.

Which character is the most indecisive?