Which Character Would Do That?


Good question… Tanya is. She’s so indecisive. She was like (behind everyone’s back) “Nicole should marry this guy! Nope, this one’s richer! No, gosh, not this guy!”

Which character would probably faint when they see Colin’s true side?


Daphne would just be in disbelief if she found out what he did. So her.

Which character would play favorites amongst their children and make it obvious?


I mean, Tanya kind of made it obvious that she disliked Dom the least. Because she’d always fight with Elena, and pick on Nicole. So in a way, her.

Which character would think Colin’s hiding more secrets?


I think all of them. Being all people with their own secrets and the fact that being in the Inquisitors exposes them to the fact that everyone’s hiding something, they would believe that Colin would have more than meets the eye. For every 10 secrets Ravenna uncovers, there is at least one she doesn’t know.

Which character frowns on divorce the most?


Frowns on divorce… I think Robert tried to make his marriage to Tanya last as long as he could, but it wasn’t working out. Colin says no to divorce, because he wants to keep Nicole to himself for as long as he can.

Which character would bleach their hair?


I’m just curious about how a great man like Robert got himself mixed up with the likes of Tanya… And my first thought was Ravenna, because she’s beautiful as a blonde, but I also remembered how confident she was in her own skin (to the point of vanity). So… Maybe Griffin. Just to see how his auburn hair would look if it were bleached. Then he’d unintentionally go bleach-blond and is like, “Whoopies…”

Which character has the prettiest eyes?


Tanya I think was great back then, but she got worse as time went on. And ooof, tie between Elena and Nicole. Elena’s Tiffany Alvord, and Nicole is AnnaSophia Robb. They’ve both got pretty eyes. Dom is your brown eyed, brown hair guy. (I also realized something. A good handful of my cast members from my stories are from The Vampire Diaries, even though I never watched a full episode. Chris Wood is Ray, Michael Trevino is Pete, and Steven McQueen is Colin. Mind blown XD)

Which character would be the worst parent? (other than Maurice and Nathaniel lol)


Lol. Colin even looks like a douche (no offense to Steven. I’m sure he’s a great guy. Unlike Colin, the MCP. And btw, does Dom have a face claim?). And I think Winston would be great at emotional support, because he knows how important it is, but in terms of restraining the kids and placing boundaries, he wouldn’t know what to do. Ravenna would be like Richard in the sense that she would love her children, but would lowkey be so strict that it’s unintentionally abusive.

Which character’s humor would be dark?


(yes. Dom has a face claim :slight_smile: It’s Ryan Guzman.) I think that Elena’s humor would be excessively dark, no matter what she tries to do. Man, it would be so dark that it’s depressing.

Which character seems like a robot, but is a great person when you get to know them?


Dang, he’s fit. :+1: And I think it depends on your first impression of Winston. If he’s being passive and apathetic, then he’ll seem like a robot. But if you meet him for the first time during an Inquisitors meeting, he’ll come off as an angry, bitter boy with issues (which is honestly a lot more accurate). Draven also seems a bit boring at first, because he’s more of a listener/observer than a talker and he’s also always solemn, so he may seem too uptight, but eventually, once you truly get to know him, he’s pretty cool.

Which character is the pickiest with the people they hang out with?


Definitely Colin. (yes, Dom is really fit. :slight_smile: ) Colin likes people who are rich and smart, so he’s insanely picky about who he hangs out with. Nicole’s so open to other friends and whatnot.

Which character’s tests look like a graphite explosion?


Lol, Draven, but you can bet all that graphite paid off, because he’d get all the questions right. Griffin would just have some random numbers scattered in the most random places and the teacher would be like, “Where the heck did he get that number?” Ravenna would be so neat and would get out an extra sheet of line paper to show her work. Winston would wing the entire thing and make educational guesses if it’s math. If it’s AP World History, then he’d actually try to get a decent grade (which is a D or C in his book).

Which character procrastinates the most?


Ohohohoh Elena. That’s for sure. That girl procrastinates like anything, but she’ll still get a good grade. She’ll procrastinate her 10 page lab reports, that are a quarter of her grade, till about 5 hours before they’re due, and she’ll walk into class, like “I spent so much time on these!” Nicole would be like “WTF?! I spent three weeks on those and even I don’t get 100%! What magic is this?!”

Which character do you think is the most attractive? (from their face claims)


Nicole and Dom (one for each gender). Nina’s pretty, but wouldn’t stand out as much as Nicole would. (I hope you meant from Phoenix.)

Which character is the most protective?


(yes, I did. And you mean Elena? I haven’t found one for Nina yet :slight_smile: ) The Wilson family is protective of each other. Robert is so protective, but he kind of has his limits because he’s wheelchair bound. Elena and Dom are like momma and papa bears. Mess with their cubs (their kids or Nicole) and you’re going to be mauled to death.

Which character would have a stash of candy in the back of their dresser/closet?


(LMAO, whoops. :joy::joy: I think I said Nina on accident, because I searched up Elena’s face claim earlier and was like, “Oh. She reminds me of Nina Dobrev.”)

And definitely Griffin, along with his pile of stuffed animals.

Which character is the most insecure about their looks?


(ah that’s okay :slight_smile: ) Dude, Colin’s probably like “DAMN THE HAIR SALON! They cut my hair one centimeter too short! I paid a good forty dollars for this! I’m suing them!” I’m not even kidding, that’s probably what he said once.

Which character would think that Nicole is another Ravenna?


Winston would be on guard, because Nicole’s a pretty, innocent-looking blonde and from his experience with a sweet, innocent Ravenna back in freshman year, he’d be cautious. He would judge her right off the bat, just because she’s similar to someone he hates, but he’d definitely be careful and suspicious.

Which character would mistake Winston and Ravenna for a couple while they’re arguing?


Are they asking for a death wish? Aside from that, I think Elena would definitely mistake them for a couple. She’d be like “oh my! You guys are such a cute couple! You’re so lucky!” I can imagine Winston choking to death, with Ravenna interanlly screaming.

Which character would would think Dom and Elena are twins?


They must be.

Lol, I can just imagine Winston choking to death, being like, “B-b-but she just called me a **** **** ****…”
Maybe Griffin would. Or anyone, really, as long as the siblings look similar and close in age.

Which character has the worst relationship with their family?