Which Character Would Do That?


Tanya and Colin tied. I think Colin and Nicole have the opposite relationship with their parents. Colin hates his dad, and can’t stand him, but he had a great relationship with his mother before she died. Nicole isn’t the biggest fan of her mom, but she loves her dad to death. And Tanya hasn’t contacted her family in gosh knows how long… I don’t even know, and I’m the author.

Which character would want a little sibling?


Griffin, so he could have some fun (translation: trouble) with his little prodigy. He’ll teach the kid how to break his/her bones, how to be adorable, and how to be a puppy (not a cinnamon roll, cuz no one can replace him). Oh, and how to make “art” too. And butcher languages, as well as playing musical instruments.

Which character is a lousy friend to have?


Surprisingly, I think Colin is a decent friend to his friends… considering that he’s a prick (dude, I’d love to see a mini version of Griffin. My life will be complete). I think Tanya’s a lousy friend to have. You know why.

Which character would motivate you to finish your book?


Awww, thanks for that image. He’d be really cute, always laughing at nothing, including his own reflection in the mirror, and would be such a troublemaker. Like, he’d probably break vases and dash away (I’m sure he still does that, but he would actually feel guilty about it now, lol). Ravenna would degrade me so much, that I’d wanna prove myself and finish it and rub it in her face. Lol, so in a way, she would. Daphne and Griffin would be my cheerleaders and be like, “YOU CAN DO THIS.”

Which character would spend an hour in the restroom, getting ready?


Awww that’s adorable… dude, I wouldn’t be surprised if Elena spent an hour in the bathroom, trying to attempt a smokey eye (and end up looking like she got punched in the face), then she’d walk out one hour later, with eyeliner and mascara on, and Nicole would be like “that’s one hour of my life that I’ll never get back.”

Which character would join the mafia?


Lol. Honestly, the Inquisitors is like a tamed, teenage version of the Mafia, except the only murder involved is the murder of a victims’ mental health. I don’t think even Cain would, because it goes against what he believes in (that murder shouldn’t occur unless it was the only option left). Winston has too much guilt and morals to do so. Maurice and his father are probably among the most likely to join, but even that is unlikely.

Which character sleeps earliest?


Not Nicole… that’s for sure… I think Robert, because he’s getting old… and he gets tired easily.

Which character would make sure everything is perfect for their kid’s/friend’s/sibling’s wedding?


Cain when and if Winston gets married. :joy::joy: He makes a big deal about his birthday, much less something life-changing like a wedding.

Which character is a coffee addict?


Elena… big coffee addict… she’s like a zombie without it… man, you should see her. When Robert wheels in, she’s like in a dead voice “Morning, Dad. How was your sleep?” Dom is like, “oh dear, she hasn’t had her coffee.”

Which character would blow their money on first class in an airplane?


Clyde and not in a comedic way given his depression

Which character has the best chances of getting married?


That would be a spoiler lol.

Which character would be the worst spouse / partner?


Manny. He’s getting better at being a partner but he’s still too self-absorbed and destructive.

Which character would crack jokes at a funeral?


Griffin, just because he can’t stand the sad atmosphere. No loud jokes though. Just quiet ones to the people who need it.

Which character would rob a bank if they were having financial issues?


Jed, maybe, but he would feel super guilty and wouldn’t sleep for days. And he would probably turn himself in and give the money back.
Which character would eat dinner late?


None of them have set meal schedules, exactly, so it’s hard to say.

Which character would spend the night at a club?


Cain. He probably has, actually.

Which character would subtly copy someone’s test answers?


Gotta be Colin. He’d be like “hmmm, okay.” The worst part is, I don’t think he’d even be discrete about it.

Which character would confuse two homonyms?


Definitely Griffin, especially since he doesn’t think things through and would therefore be confused easily.

Which character is the most emotionless?


Tanya… she’s not the happiest person

Which character would get brainfreeze?


Manny and Cricket both would.

Which character would forgot why they walked into a room?