Which Character Would Do That?


Frederick, bless his simple soul lol.

Which character could eat an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting ?


Oh that would be so Nicole or Elena. They love their ice cream. Only thing is, Colin (Nicole’s husband) would never allow it

Which character would create spam accounts on social media?


Aslan would have so many spam accounts on social media because he wouldn’t remember the passwords to them and really likes the attention he gets.

Which character would slap their friend if they tried to grab their food?


Jed again. He doesn’t share his food…
Which character stays up late?


Both of them do… most things they gotta do they gotta do them at night.

Which of your characters eats breakfast at 2 o’clock?


Lol… I can see this being Elena. She makes herself scrambled eggs at 2 in the afternoon, and she’s just eating them while Robert’s like “Elena, honey, why?”

Which character would smash an egg on someone’s forehead?


Nathaniel. I’m sure he’s done it before and he’d totally do it again.

Which character is the most sensitive?



Which character would remain armed at all times?*

*Raven I know your characters are in school so outside of that


Cain is always armed wherever he goes, usually with a pocket knife (and not a gun, but he shouldn’t be owning one legally).

Which character would play the victim card?


Marie. :neutral_face::joy:

Which character would be overly dramatic?


Weirdly, Griffin. But in a weird way. Like, if he accidentally spilled milk all over his homework, he’d be like, “NOOOOOOOO”. But whenever he breaks a bone, he’s like, “I’m okay, just take me to the hospital again or something. No need to rush. I don’t like hospitals much anyway.”

Which character would leak an entire movie before it’s even out in theaters?


:rofl: that’s a little weird but I kinda like him for it

Adyln would do that. 100%.

Which character would start yelling at the tv in the middle of a movie?


Sabrina or Savannah would as they’re loud and like to yell for no reason.

Which character would call in sick for school or work and be perfectly healthy?


Winston, probably. Just because he never feels like going to school and can’t stand the environment.

Which character would abandon their family to pursue their dreams?


Technically Clyde did but it was for their safety

Which character would be able to solve a crime?


Being someone who’s been in the criminal field since he was 12, Cain would be able to get into the mindset of criminals, which would be really helpful in solving a case.

Which character would rather deny the truth than to accept it?



Which character would read/watch fluffy romances?


Jasmine would do that. She wants a perfect relationship with Elliot who is a terrible seed and boyfriend.

Which character would do something against their moral values?


Probably Ravenna, because she has no moral values to begin with, so she’d do nearly anything.

Which character is not as they seem?


‘no moral values to begin with’

That’s a bit of spoiler-y question… so I’ll use a different story. <3
Juliet. For reasons. : : :

Which character would hold a grudge for years?