Which Character Would Do That?


Ooooh, it’s a bit of a spoiler. But Winston and Ravenna might… Winston would be more bitter though, because Ravenna doesn’t remember she held a grudge until that person is in her face and she’s like, “Oh, yeah, I hate you, I forgot.”

Which character is the most mentally unstable?


This is sadly a hard question to answer…but out of the ones I’ve written right now, I’d probably say that it is either Siegfried or Ciecro. Both had bad tempers and tend to bottle up their feelings when something is bothering them. This can lead to them doing some rough things that they normally wouldn’t do.

As for not just limited to what I’ve written/posted I would say Chernon since he is very aggressive to anyone he doesn’t trust if they get to close to him. Also, considering it took him a while to trust his current caretaker and let himself be vulnerable to the guy.

Which character has the best dance moves?


Depending on what dance moves you’re talking about. Wren is a figure skater so she’s the more flexible elegant dancer while Felix and Quincy can do flips and all the cool things. Aslan dances like he has two left feet.

Which character would eat raw oyster?


Ooof no one. Maybe Elena if she was feeling really brave.

Which character could never get drunk?


It takes a lot for Cain to look or act drunk. When he’s drunk on the inside, he’s seemingly sober on the outside. I hope that’s what you meant, because people are still drunk internally even if they’re normal externally. But I suppose Ravenna, Griffin, and Draven could never get drunk, because they don’t drink to begin with. XD

Which character can’t stand breakups?


Good question. I think that Nicole can’t stand breakups, as a very fragile person. She would be crushed

Which character would go to McDonald’s at closing time?


Griffin. But he’d somehow convince them to let him in anyway.

Which character wouldn’t feel guilty about lying?


Jack without a doubt considering the fact he’s an absolute sociopath

Which character would you never want to piss off?


Winston, Cain, and Maurice. All three are dangerous when pissed off, especially considering one of them is a salty boy with anger issues, the other is a notorious gang leader with a long criminal history, and the third is an undiagnosed sociopath with anti-social personality disorder.

Which character is the most shallow?


Colin, and we all know why

Which character is racist?


Oh ho boy, in book 3 a character named Achim will be introduced and yeah he’s racist.

Which character would not do something specifically because you told them to?


Ravenna. She doesn’t like to be ordered around and if you tell her to do something, she wouldn’t, just out of spite.

Which character is the biggest planner?


Ahuizotl, an antagonist in my story literally sets up events that won’t pay off till about 5+ years later.

Which character would hate being forced to watch a documentary?


Winston would fall asleep in 5 minutes, so definitely him.

Which character pays attention to all the little details that everyone else overlooks?


Dolly does actually. She makes it a habit to try and notice any hidden subtleties or little indications that there’s more.

Which character would write a romance novel that they wanted to have in real life?


Nicole. 100%. As her marriage is loveless, she’d create her own novel

Which character would create a tragic novel?


I feel like Mistral would be working in secret on a tragic novel that’s actually super good.

Which character would always have earbuds in?


Probably Elena. She’d be blasting music while scrambling eggs, doing laundry, working out, you name it.

Which character would have a really bad school picture?


Marie. And then she grew up so pretty… haha.

Which character would be perfectly happy to stay single all their life?


I’m sure Nicole would do that. I mean, she’s traumatized by her marriage to Colin, so she’d stay single.

Which character would have their marriage annulled?