Which Character Would Do That?


If Raven ever got married, she’d be gone as soon as her marriage ceased to be of benefit for her XD

Which character would be the best dancer?


Lol, first thought was Griffin, because he’s the type to dance in the shower or alone in the bedroom, but man, he’d suck at it. It’ll be really cute, though. Surprisingly, as long as he’d drunk, Cain would probably rock the dance floor. XD

Which character would plan vengeance for years and be perfectly patient about it?


Oh man… if it was worth it, it would totally be Elena. I mean, revenge/vengeance is everything for her. Man, she’d jump at the opportunity.

Which character would put the wrong time zone for their clock? (Griffin not you)


LMAO, THAT’S SUCH A GRIFFIN THING TO DO. :joy::joy: I honestly don’t think anyone would accidentally do that. Only Griffin is capable of such a mess-up. :joy::joy: He’d be like, “I don’t understand why it’s morning when my clock says 6 P.M…” And Ravenna’s just like, “WTF did you do now?!” And Winston’s just silently facepalming in the background, shaking his head.

Which character would be able to outsmart the police?


Hmm…let’s see.

Tyr <- definitely
and a bunch of other antagoninsts I have.

Which character would find themselves addicted to sleeping?


Aaron but not in a good way given the deadly virus he’s been stricken with

Which character suffers from horrible nightmares or weird dreams?


Jaron does considering his friend was almost kidnapped in front of him and all. This coupled with him worrying about the ones he cares about dying like his parents adds to that anxiety, which aids in his mind having nightmares about it.

Which character would do jump rope with middle school girls?


Clyde without a doubt considering his popularity. At least in middle school anyway

Which character would walk off a fracture like nothing?


Vadlek and Nasch both could. They could even fight with fractured bones since they’e trained their bodies well for endurance and can take a beating/pain.

Which character would get mad at losing a board game?


Ravenna would be pissed, but wouldn’t show it. Because she never loses and her pride would be wounded if she did. And her pride is literally her everything.

Which character would be pissed if you called them by their full name?


None of my Tower characters. But I do have a few in other stories —

Doll Lance. Her full name is Idahl Aphelia Lance, but no one calls her Idahl. And also no one but her very close friends get to call her Doll —> that’s General Lance to you or you be dead.

Jade York. Her full name is Jaliyah Julianna Lexi Amira York… but no one, not even her mother, calls her that.

Which character would rather die than give a speech?


No one. I mean, Nicole has some stage fright, but it isn’t bad.

Which character would eat a whole family size bag or Doritos in one sitting?


Definitely Griffin, but he won’t get away with it, trust me.

Which character is the worst at managing money?


Probably Cyrus. He usually has Lorilie do it for him because he buys everything he wants

Which character would run to the store to buy 46 donuts because they can?


Raven. She would eat them all herself, too XD

Which character would be the best baker?


Ravenna is perfectionistic and everything has to be right, so her measurements would be very on point and she’d follow all the directions perfectly. The only issue is that she never bakes.

Which character takes pride in being “different”?


Pride in being different… surprisingly, I think Nicole kinda does. And Nina as well (she’s Nicole’s best friend.) Nina is different from the others because she’s a Bosnian Muslim. I think when people hear the word “Muslim,” they immediately think “Arab.” Nope. Most Bosnians are Muslim, and Nina is no exception. Nicole prides herself in being “different” because unlike her siblings, she has blonde hair and green eyes, and is actually kind of tall. I think the Norwegian gene in Robert came through with Nicole (Robert’s got just a drop of Norwegian in him along with the German and Scottish). Nicole’s different from her siblings, as Dom and Elena are brunettes, and are just a little bit shorter. You can literally see the change in physical characteristics with each sibling. First the eye color with Elena, and then the hair color with Nicole. Of course, facial features are still strikingly similar, but Nicole prides in being different. (she looks very Norwegian, despite the fact that she’s biracial).

Which character would accidentally break a law in another country?


Cain, but he wouldn’t know unless he got caught. By then, he’d probably be arrested in a foreign country and when you get arrested and tried in a foreign country… Things get messy (like in the Amanda Knox case).

Which character is the most perfectionistic?


Oh Colin… He’s actually unrealistically perfectionistic. He expects Nicole to act a certain way, look a certain way, and behave a certain way. I mean, why else did he deprive her of food at times? He has this image in his mind that makes him think “this is how Nicole should be, and I should do this to make her that.” He thought she was too fat (she’s really healthy) and so he’d deprive her of food at times. He made her dye her hair to a dark color because he felt like she didn’t live up to the “blonde girl” he envisioned. Oh man, I despise his character. Out of the many characters that I have created, he is the character I can’t stand.

Which character wouldn’t pay for their kids’ college?


El “Grande” ese hombre literalmente no pagaría ni el hospital para el nacimiento sus hijos.

¿Que personaje es mas callado?