Which Character Would Do That?


Nicole’s generally a quiet person, so I’d say her. Elena is so boisterous and loud and it’s amazing

Which character would write an autobiography?


Stefani lo haría como una salida, una respiración a su encierro diario.

¿Que personaje es buen repostero?


I don’t know haha

Which character would be accused of murder


Mackensy esa mujer “mataría” por no tener una hija con un IQ tan bueno como el de ella.

¿Que persoane necesitaria una cita con el Psicólogo?


Oh man, it’s gotta be Nicole. After being abused by Colin for so many years, she’d desperately need it.

Which character would starve themselves?


Kendra, con tal de mantener su cuerpo a la perfección.

¿Que personaje tiene la sonrisa mas encantadora?


Definitely Ravenna or Maurice have the most charming smile, although I’m more tempted to say Maurice, because it’s a trademark of his, while Ravenna is known for much more than that.

Which character enjoys attention, whether it be bad or good?


Oh Elena. Loves the spotlight and the attention. She loves it.

Which character can resist Griffin’s cinnamon roll-ness? (they’re really good then)


Lol, Maurice. He ain’t falling for that cuteness. But the thing is, he doesn’t even need to resist. Because the dude is literally emotionless. Like, heck, even Ravenna has a soft spot for Griffin.

Which character is most likely to correct you every time you pronounce a word wrong?


KIERAN. This is him allll the way lmao.

Which character has the smoothest tongue?


I still remember that “manor” scene. :joy::joy:

And I think they can all be smooth if they tried. But I guess that comes down to Ravenna and Maurice. Both of them know exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

Which character is most likely to hold a grudge for a year, because someone ate all their chips?


Umm… I think they all have more important grudges to hold lol. But Aidan might pretend to, I suppose.

Which character’s moods are the most mercurial?


Elena. One day she’ll be like “oh everything’s rainbows and daisies!” The next day she’ll be like “so, can you murder someone with a plastic fork?”

Which character is like Grumpy the dwarf?


Winston. Definitely Winston, the pessimist.

Which character would rather celebrate their birthday by themselves than with others?


Nicole’s kind of been an introvert for a while. She’d just spend it by herself in an ice cream parlor.

Which character would put every single topping on their ice cream sundae?


Griffin, because he can’t miss any potentially good toppings, so he’ll just have all of them.

Which character would be willing to write an essay about how much they hate something?


Man, Elena. She’d write a 10 page essay on why she hates someone.

Which character would run for president of a club? (other than Ravenna)


There is an important character from SOS that is the president of the Student Council and would totally run for any leadership role.

Which character is the most easily irritated?


Elena… for sure…

Which character would take inspiration from a fictional character?


Far-fetched as it may seem, this is actually Kieran.

Which character is the most outgoing?