Which Character Would Do That?


Griffin is a social butterfly who tries to talk to everyone on a bus (even if not everyone wants to talk to him).

Which character is the most easily offended?


Colin. If you say his shirt doesn’t look good on him he will act like you insulted his father who died in war.

Which character would follow a recipe step by step meticulously?


Definitely Ravenna. All the measurements would be exact and each step followed perfectly to make sure it comes out as it should.

Which character would rather write letters than send text messages?


Robert would do that, as he’s kind of old school. He used to do that all the time.

Which character would be a flight attendant?


Although she wants to be a nurse, I think Daphne would make a lovely flight attendant. Everyone would love her.

Which character is an animal lover?


Margo without a doubt. She can’t afford a pet but she would love it like her own child.

Which character would make a great runner?


Griffin is a competitive track runner, so definitely him.

Which character would frame someone they hate for their “murder”?


Elliot would definitely do that. He’d frame anyone he didn’t like for anything. In fact, he and Janelle frame Jasmine for something really big.

Which character would argue with a child and lose their temper?


Winston, but he’d try to hold in his temper, because it’s a kid and he doesn’t want to end up beating a child out of rage.

Which character has the best book smarts?


I would say Vragon right now but only because he does read a lot in his spare time at least currently.

Which character would knock down someone’s house of cards?


Jisoo, though only to his sister
Which character would shoplift


Cain already does.

Which character is the most vindictive?


Definitely Kayden.

Which character would have the highest chance at surviving a zombie apocalypse?


Raven would. In fact, I can see her either killing all of the zombies or winning them to her side and reigning supreme, queen of a lonely, desolate world.

Which character would you think was a vampire if you didn’t know better?


Ha, oh Colin. He hates the sunlight at points and hates some forms of garlic. Vampire, I tell ya.

Which character has the biggest muscles?


Definitely Channing. Dude’s the definition of buff.

Which character is the type to always plan 10 steps ahead?


Kieran :wink:

Which character would make a spreadsheet for their vacation week?


Ravenna and her father, Richard, every time they’re going on vacation, except they’re more traditional and prefer a planner/calendar.

Which character would attempt to bake brownies, but would fail horribly?


Jasmine is not much of a cook. She’d have some terrible brownies.

Which character would likely watch the same movie over and over again?


If he really liked it, Aidan would.

Which character has the shortest attention span?