Which Character Would Do That?


Good question. Probably Elena. She’ll be listening to a lecture on World War 2, and when the teacher asks her a question, she’ll be like, “uh, yes, Dutch is in the Germanic family, with lots of similarities to German itself.”

Which character is biracial?


A few actually at least in the canon universe of my story.

Swift - Bohrmian/Norfairion
Demetri - Sorphian/Triacalian
Azazel - Averian/Fisciellion
Nasch - Norfairion/Sorphian

Which character has met their great grandparents at any age?


Hmm to be honest I’m not sure…

Which character has the most meaningful name?


Nicole. Easily. I think Dom picked that name for her, because he knew she would be a pretty girl, and Nicole sounded pretty to him. (Dom and Nicole are 6-ish years apart). They grew up to be really really close. When Nicole got married, Dom took it the hardest behind Robert.

Which character has the most “bland” name?


George is a pretty bland name.

Which character would name their child something really odd?


Huh… I wouldn’t be surprised to see Colin naming his child something weird. I imagine him naming his son Bishkek (capital of Kyrgyzstan)

Which character would live in the countryside?


Barry and his family do

Which character would prefer a penthouse over a mansion?


Sophie and Roake… They’re pretty spoiled by their parents.

Which character would voluntarily do chores around the house?


Draven and Griffin, because they like being helpful.

Which character would prefer a simple house over a mansion?


Nicole. She’s a simple girl

Which character would write a play?


Probably Brooke. She’s very artistic.

Which character would be the first on the dancefloor?


Elena 100%

Which character would graduate with a PhD?



Which character would forget to go to class?


Probably Elena, but she’d be really upset about it. She’d be like “damn it! Forgot to go to class! Dad’s gonna kill me!”

Which character would be physically abused?


Marie was boarder-line abused by Raliah, but most of that was emotional.

Which character would always be the first one in the pool?


Like in a swimming pool? Elena. She’d be like “come on, you scaredy cats! Get in!” jumps in and splashes everywhere

Which character would curse loudly when they stubbed their toe?


Definitely Cain. Winston would just curse softly to himself.

Which character is the most pessimistic?


Gotta be Colin. That prick is the most pessimistic person ever. He’s always like “ugh, this isn’t gonna turn out right thanks to you Nicole!”

Which character blames everyone?


Talia. Particularly for things that are her own fault.

Which character wears heavy makeup?


Nicole, but only concealer to hide the bruises that Colin gave her. Hate that prick.

Which character would get the wrong shade of concealer at a makeup shop?