Which Character Would Do That?


Probably Margo since she doesn’t care that much about her physical appearance

Which character would kill someone on sight?


Yano because she’s the leader of a group of insane witches and she doesn’t care about human lives.

Which character would cry their eyes out over spilled milk?


Roy, after he’s been through the middle of the story.

Which character would accidently kill someone with a prank?


Elena. She’d put something in someone’s drink to make it taste bad, and then when she realizes it’s poison and it killed them, she’d be like “whoops?”

Which character relies on someone too much?


Manny to Roy. He shouldn’t, but does, trust Roy about anything involving Earth. Roy uses that trust to make up stupid stuff.

Which character would ‘borrow’ a friend’s credit card to buy something?


Colin. $10 he’d max it out, even though Colin is like, filthy rich.

Which character would stalk someone on social media?


Margo has searched for people on social media.

Which character would be willing to fight in the Hunger Games?


Probably Marianna if she is order to kill.

Which character is capable of stitching a wound?


Daphne. Definitely Daphne.

Which character is the most petty?


None of them can really afford to be petty, but perhaps Aidan.

Which character is the most self-reliant?


Probably Ravenna. She can’t afford to be dependant, nor would her pride allow it.

Which character has the quickest mind?


Kieran. However, Raven isn’t close behind… :smirk:

Which character would be the best rapper?


Ooh. Uh. Isaac? That would be funny.

Which character would learn calculus for fun?


Probably Kieran. The strange child would enjoy himself–and most likely find it boringly easy XD

Which character would be the best fantasy writer?


Uh probably Brad, tbh. He would make an awesome quest fantasy with complex characters and an entire polictical and mgical systems, and everyone else would be staring at him like ‘where the heck do you come up with this stuff.’

Which character would be most likely to work on or run a farm?


Hmmm. Isaac is the hardworking type, so maybe him…

Which character would be afraid of something silly?


Definitely Devon. But then again, he is stuck in a radioactive wasteland…

Which character would destroy the world if they became a world leader (president, king, prime minister, etc.)?


Hard question. I’ve got two idiot characters but I think Felix would destroy the world faster than Aslan would. If they ruled it together that’s double the destruction.

Which character wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone?


Both Cat and Manny. Jess too, actually.

Which character would explode in a rage over something as simple as a vending machine eating their quarters?


Winston would definitely explode over that.

Which character is the most unreliable narrator?