Which Character Would Do That?


That’s a good question. I think Sophia, because I think her Italian grandmother fled a forced marriage and moved to France. She worked at Sophia’s grandfather’s bakery, and they fell in love, got married, and had 2 kids; Serena and Raphael. I THINK. I don’t know exactly

Which character has the longest name?


I think Aleksander has the longest first name (even though everyone calls him Alec). But his surname is only four letters.

Which character has the longest personal backstory? (Don’t need to answer if it spoils anything.)


It does spoil :wink:

Which character likes emotional music?


I don’t know actually. I can’t see any of them wanting to listen to emotional music, because it’s exactly that: emotional. A lot of them don’t want to have those emotions triggered.

Which character is the hardest to be friends with?


I would have to say Lisa since she loves the gossip

Which character loves gossip?


Ravenna, because with gossip, she could use the information against people (even if the gossip isn’t true.) She could use it for blackmail, in case she needs it in the future. She stores info like that. Gossip is like money in a bank, stored for future use.

Which character is the most feared?


Not feared, but people are slightly intimidated by Ray. He is a tall guy, and when he is neutral, he has this sexy, angry look on him. He is actually a great guy, but people are a bit intimidated

Which character would be great blonde? (Other than Ravenna since she is a natural blonde)


Winston has a light brown/sandy color that could pass as a dirty blonde, so if he went fully blonde, he’d look pretty good in it.

Which character was the easiest to find a face claim for?


Oh NONE of them were easy to find. I’d have to say Victoria, because I found a book of face claims, and when I saw Freya Mavor, I knew it was her. Ray was so hard tho.

Which character would sleep nude?


Argael’s friend Harmin, because of skin discomfort.

Which character would want an amazon for a girlfriend?


Amazon? Probably Randy.

Which character hates taking pictures?


While not exactly pictures, but Gate feels uncomfortable seeing paintings or statues resembling him.

Which character has the tendency of petting animals?


Probably Sophia.

Which character would have a one night stand?


Ravenna, Winston, and Cain. Ravenna has to at least get acquainted to the person first though. Winston and Cain don’t give a fuck.

Which character is the most easily embarrassed?


I actually don’t know. I really don’t. They’ve all been embarrassed

Which character gets jealous easily?


Winston and Ravenna. Winston’s secretly insecure, while Ravenna is pretty self-explanatory. She doesn’t like competition.

Which character is bisexual? (This is a spoiler, isn’t it?)


Yep. You’ll find out eventually :wink: .

Which character can NEVER sleep?


Winston doesn’t sleep well at home. But when he sleeps well at Cain’s home, he sleeps deeply. To the point that Cain would have to slap and poke his face multiple times in order to get him to stir.

Which character is the most easily haunted by guilt?


Victoria is definitely not haunted by guilt. Ray is probably haunted slightly but it’s not extreme. I don’t think anyone else has done anything extreme that would cause them to feel guilty.

Which character would hate Daylight Savings?


Oh, they all live in California, so they aren’t strangers to Daylights Savings. Probably Winston. It would affect his sleep cycle, which he already struggles with in terms of sleeping consistently.

Which character is the “nerdiest”?