Which Character Would Do That?


That’s subjective. Ray is very smart, and he knows a lot. Sophia is smart, and she is a geek when it comes to world capitals, along with Anthony. Sonia also is smart, and she is very knowledgeable about history. Any kind.

Which character would kidnap someone?


Seems like something Cain would do if he needed information from someone. But he’d let them go once he’s done interrogating.

Which character is the pickiest?


Subjective. Ray is picky about a lot of things (food isn’t one of them). Sophia’s picky in her choice of guys (yes that’s horrible.) Victoria is picky in her friends. Sonia is picky when it comes to people because she has a literal bullshit detector built inside of her. She can detect bullshit like a dog can sniff out cocaine.

Which character is the nosiest?


probably Jaye

Which characters happened to be star-crossed lovers?


I would have to say, Horatio and Lady Annabelle. Since one is unconscious, and the other is having an awful time.

Which character is likely to start (randomly) singing a musical number?


Which character would get their first kiss first?

Elise, she is so flirty and so many people have a crush on her.


Crane because he is crazy and acts on his instincts


Both Sabrina and Savannah would randomly sing to a musical number. They both have wild personalities.

Which character would walk into a store and put themselves into debt?


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Cain. I mean, he shoplifts all the time.

Which character would abandon a friend if given the chance?


Probably Lisa, but it depends if the friend was truly loyal.

Which character values loyalty? (Ravenna, no. Don’t kill me. Oh who am I kidding?)


LMAOO. Besides Ravenna, because she values loyalty more than she values intelligence (which is saying a lot), I’d say Winston. If you’re his “friend”, but you don’t stick with him in his bad times, then you were never a friend to begin with. His life is messy and out of order, but the only thing he’s certain of is who his true friends are. And believe me, he has very few. Cain and Griffin are the closest. Believe it or not, the clique was what brought him and Griffin together. At least being in the clique was partially beneficial.

Which character wouldn’t feel guilty for upsetting a friend over an argument?


Honestly depends. Ray would definitely feel guilty, and Sophia would too. Victoria would feel guilty if she was wrong. If she’s right, she stands her ground.

Which character would do something drastic for attention?


Elena, she loves all eyes to be on here

Which character would take a random road trip in the middle of the night ?


Probably Griffin. He’s super spontaneous.

Which character would pretend to be sick, in order to skip work/school?


Kyle and then laugh when he gets caught.

Which character can’t lie to save their life?


Daphne. She gets all serious when she lies, so people who are close to her can sense it from a mile away.

Which character is the most difficult to approach?


That’s kinda subjective. Victoria is difficult to approach because of her nature, and Sonia because she is really feisty.

Which character would you love to see get a POV? (No Winston. Please leave?)


Penn in Cursed Gardens because it would be nice to get insight into stranger who fall through greenhouse roofs unexpectedly

Which character is most likely to make an innuendo?


Ravenna. She’s sly like that.

Which character is the most passive aggressive?