Which Character Would Do That?


Honestly, I’d have to say Ramona. She’s pretty passive aggressive, EXCEPT when it comes to her kids. Oh she knows how to straighten out her kids. I applaud her for raising a fine young man (Ray, not Randy lmao)

Which character would trash talk others to someone in a different language so that no one would understand?


That’s basically Selvian to Wario in my story. He sees Wario and he mutters his rage to the rest of the teddy clan. If it were a team building task, do NOT put Selvian and Wario on the same team, that would be Selvian’s worst nightmare.

Which character would scream so loud that their lungs actually collapsed?


Not exactly screaming, but Griffin could holler so loud on a roller coaster, that he lost his voice at once point because of it.

Which character is the most insecure?


Subjective. Victoria’s insecure about people liking her, Sonia’s insecure about what people are going to do…

Which character likes watching comedy?


Griffin, but his definition of “comedy” is “horror movies”. LMAOO.

Which character is the pickiest eater?


I’m like a mix of Griffin and Winston lmao. And I think Randy is picky. Ray’s motto, “if it is edible, I’m eating it,”

Which character hates hot weather?



Which character has an annoying tone to their voice?


Nathaniel. Mainly because he usually intends to annoy people.

Which character is most likely to choke on their drink from laughter?


It depends on the joke, so probably Connie.

Which character show their affection in a weird/bad way?


Probably Cain. You wouldn’t know he cared for you until he saves your life.

Which character has it worse than the rest?


It depends on a certain point of view, maybe Marianna or Merissa.

Which characters always kiss ass to their boss?


Ray doesn’t have a “boss.” He tutors Czech, Estonian, and Spanish. Sophia I don’t think kisses booty. She is a waitress, but she doesn’t need to kiss booty

Which character does drugs?


James gets into substance abuse after the death of his sister.

Which character would choose themselves over their best friend in a life or death situation?


Ravenna, mainly because she doesn’t have a best friend and she’s selfish. But I’m sure their death will haunt her with guilt afterwards.

Which character would lead someone on by not telling them they aren’t interested? (Can be intentional or unintentional.)


Rosa since she is not really subtle.

Which character would get so stoned that they see other characters acting like animals?


None of the main ones do drugs, but Cain could get really drunk that you’d think he was stoned.

Which character is so angelic that they seem too good to be true?


I would have to say Lisa. Like Victoria, she’s pretty fake, so it’s too good to be true lmao. Sonia would never have a hard time sniffing out her artificiality lmao

Which character needs to clean their dirty mind?


Shane for sure, and probably Arkenham. Maybe Zach and Zane too. You know what, let’s just go with all of them.

Which character would sleep twelve hours straight and still be tired?


Probably Winston, because he doesn’t sleep for 12 hours usually.

Which character is the worst at keeping a secret?


Probably Zane. It’s kind of an open secret at his school that he has three girlfriends.

Which character would break a promise?