Which Character Would Do That?


Maurice wouldn’t hesitate to break a promise if it benefits him, but it also depends on who he’s promising to.

Which character is the most emotional?


Probably Nicoletta. She’s the only one who hasn’t grown up learning that showing emotion is bad.

Which character would write an autobiography?


Cain has an interesting life that the public is very interested in (him being a notorious criminal and all), but he wouldn’t write an autobiography unless you threatened him with jail.

Which character is most likely to betray a close friend?


Ashlyn, seeing as she did before the story started.

Which character would attempt to save another character from making the same mistakes they did?


Winston. He doesn’t want people going down the same shithole as he did. Even if he hates that person, he knows that no one deserves it.

Which character is not as they seem?


All of them. Except Kris.

Which character would forget to eat?


Griffin if he’s so absorbed in having fun.

Which character is the bravest and why?


Shane. He gets out of bed every morning despite the fact that there’s a grand total of three people who would really miss him.

Which character would eat pizza for every meal?


Winston, because he tends to order fast food for convenience, although he still remains fit because he’s physically active.

Which character took you the longest time to decide a name for?


None of them? When I started coming up with my characters, the names came before almost everything else.

Which character swears the most?


Cain. He swears in nearly every sentence he speaks. It was a pain writing it, but it still managed to feel natural coming from him.

Which character is the most dear to you and why?


Arkenham. I created him the longest ago, and he’s the easiest to write, despite the fact that we have nothing in common but taste in music, an undying love for Tony Stark, and a problem with anxiety. His best friend Shane is a close contender, though. I have very maternal feelings for Shane.

Which character is the hardest to write and why?


Winston is the most mentally and emotionally complex, so his reactions tend to vary. Sometimes he’s a moody jerk and other times he’s the nicest person in the room. Because of that, I really have to consider the circumstances before writing his reactions to the events.

Which character is the least important to the plot?


Right now? Zane.

Which character would go to work/school on no sleep?


Winston. He does that sometimes.

Which character has a face claim? (Or a celebrity who resembles them?)


None of them. I tried to find one for Arkenham in the beginning, but I couldn’t find anyone that looked like him.

Which character is most important to the plot?


Ravenna and Winston, both being central and active characters.

Which character has the most complex family history/ancestry?


Isabelle has a massive family on her father’s side, but Arkenham’s family has some interesting stories about them.

Which character has the worst parents?


Winston. His parents are divorced, so he only has his emotionally abusive mother.

Which character has the most tragic past?


Oh boy. Four way tie between Arkenham, Shane, Isabelle, and Zane. Yes that’s a lot of tragedy.

Which character hates their life?