Which Character Would Do That?


Winston. Can’t really blame him considering all the shit he continues to endure.

Which character is the most rational?


Isabelle, weirdly enough.

Which character does stupid things on a regular basis?


Griffin. He’s reckless and that causes him to act stupid sometimes.

Which character is the richest?


I honestly don’t know. They’re all financially stable. Ray is kinda. Sophia, kinda. Victoria, kinda. Roman, definitely. It’ll play out later :slight_smile:

Which character likes to splurge?


(Wait, Roman’s returning?! I thought he died in a ditch. I guess my assassination plot didn’t work.

Ravenna if it’s her birthday, because even though she has no shortage of money, it gives her a reason to go all out on buying expensive clothes and black handbags.

Which character has the biggest family?


LMAO LMAO OMG. And no he’s not returning. And Sophia, since her family is part Italian and part Greek. Gosh it’s humongous.

Which character has the best tolerance to alcohol?


Three way tie between Zach, Nicoletta and Zane. Zach and Nicky like to party, and Zane just has issues.

Which character has the worst bad habits?


@SVTSwrites: Cain 100%. He could down shots like there’s no tomorrow and drive as if he was sober. That’s why out of all the many crimes he’s commited, none of them involved DUI.

@Sophiea34: Winston. He stays up late watching movies and eating whatever junk that’s lying around.

Which character has the best pain tolerance?



Which character drinks too much caffeine?


Probably Sophia, since she is part Italian and French. They love their coffee. Ray doesn’t drink it too much, but he does love it.

Which character can speak another language?


Does knowing enough spanish to pass it in high school count? Because if so that’s everyone.

Which character doesn’t get enough sleep?


Depends on what context. If something’s bothering Ray, then no. Victoria is stressed everyday. Sophia gets her sleep. So maybe Ray, but not all the time.

Which character has the worst grades?


Shane. (He missed a couple of weeks of school.)

Which character is impossible to get out of bed in the mornings?


Depends on what occasion. If Ray is tired, then his mom will have to actually drag him out. Sophia’s bro Anthony is a pretty deep sleeper. Sophia has had to dump cold water on him a few times.

Which character likes to cook?


Arkenham. Well, at least a future version of him does.

Which character loves food?


EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Sophia is part Italian, part Greek, and part French, so she loves loves loves food. Ray loves food, as he’s part Czech and part Estonian. Victoria, definitely.

Which character has blonde hair?



Which character is the most sarcastic?


Ravenna’s so sarcastic, her humor is drier than the Sahara Desert.

Which character has the worst anger issues?


Arkenham. He doesn’t deal well with his emotions, so he has a tendency to bottle it up and lash out at people who didn’t do anything.

Which character is the happiest?


Daphne. But before, it had always been Griffin.

Which character had the best sense of humour?