Which Character Would Do That?


Savannah probably has the best sense of humor since she’s energetic and outgoing. She’d find anything funny.

Which character is likely to forget something important?


Arkenham. He has a lot on his plate, so he forgets stuff sometimes.

Which character is the shallowest?


Sabrina is pretty shallow. She’s dated too many cute guys

Which character would fall for a scam?


None of them. They’re all very cynical people.

Which character sucks at math?


Jasmine from my upcoming new story sucks at math. She uses Ned to get the answers on her homework.

Which character would die 1000 deaths for someone they love?


All of them. They’re all very loyal people.

Which character carries around a crap ton of stuff?


Steve owns a food truck and is carrying around a lot of food.

Which character is likely to be a terrible parent?


Tbh all of them. Well, Arkenham actually would be a decent parent, but he thinks he wouldn’t.

Which character doesn’t want kids?


Ravenna and Winston both have no desire for children.

Which character is the most easily embarrassed?


Idk. I can’t read about someone getting embarrassed without cringing super hard, so I never write about it.

Which character hates the world?


Winston, because he rarely gets anything good from the world.

Which character is the most emotionally unstable?


Arkenham and Shane tie.

Which character is most likely to attempt suicide?


Winston tried it before.

Which character is the most likely to run in front of a speeding car because of a dare?


That’s called “you’re giving yourself a death wish”. Sounds like something Pete would do XD.

Which character is the most likely to spend so much that they go bankrupt?


Zach. No idea why, I just feel like he might.

Which character would wreck their own life by accident?


By accident? Hm… I can’t say due to spoilers, but one character does end up making bad decisions that eventually destroyed them.

Which character is most likely to jump from rooftop to rooftop for the kicks?


Again, that’s pure stupidity. And that’s what Pete would do lmao.

Which character would get murdered because they ticked someone off? (Btw, Anna, I changed the whole Roman Sophia incident. Roman didn’t assault her. I felt like it was too much of a touchy subject, so I changed it a bit)


(Oh, I’ll check it out later. True, the assault was a pretty touchy subject.)

Nathaniel. He pushed Winston’s buttons on purpose once. He does it to everyone (besides Ravenna), so it’s bound to kill him someday if he messes with the wrong person.

Which character has made the worst mistakes in their life?


That’s pretty subjective thing. We’ve all made mistakes, but it depends on which person views it. Ray has definitely made mistakes, Sophia has made mistakes. I think either Lisa or Victoria, if you’re already biased about them since… you know. But if you’re totally objective, I’d say everyone.

Which character is a total player? (hits Nathaniel over the head with a shovel and locks him in a storage shed Sorry what was that?)


Shane. But he does have some deeper reasons for his behavior.

Which character is the worst at sports?