Which Character Would Do That?


@SVTSwrites: Lol, Nathaniel is as “playery” as it gets. Maybe Maurice comes in second, mainly because he throws girls like trash once he’s done using them for a night.

@Sophiea34: Maybe Ravenna, but she doesn’t do sports, besides horse-riding. She hates sports in general.

Which character is the worst person to tell a secret to?


Sophia’s amazing at keeping secrets, that Sonia is like “ok do you have like a chest in there where you lock up secrets?” so I’d have to say Lisa. Ray made that mistake.

Which character is the worst person to lie to? (other than Ravenna)


Arkenham’s mom. She can smell bullsh*t from three feet off.

Which character is the funniest?


@SVTSwrites: Other than Ravenna, I’d say Cain comes in a close second. Neither like taking shit from anyone. Both prefer ugly truths rather than pretty lies.

@Sophiea34: Griffin. He’s always smiling and cracking jokes. Even if his jokes are awful, it still makes people smile.

Which character is the best person to rely on?


Pretty subjective. Sonia is super responsible and very very wise, so she’s the best when it comes to venting. When it comes to having a good friend, Sophia. When it comes to hanging out with someone, Ray. When it comes to revenge, Victoria. When it comes to twisted gossip, Lisa.

Which character do you, as an author, know you can count on, despite the fact that they’re fictional?


I know I could count on Draven. Super loyal and honest. Very to-the-point, no bullshit. He never breaks his promises (neither does Ravenna, but do I really want to get involved with her? :joy:)

Which character has the best relationship with their parents?


Arkenham. His dad is… well, not great, but his mom is amazing.

Which character is most likely to have a mental breakdown?


Probably Victoria. One day, the stress is gonna get to her.

Which character is the most unpleasant?


Ravenna. No explanation needed. :joy:

Which character would you avoid at all costs? (No, Roman. Go die.)


LMAO OMG HE DOES NEED TO DIE OML. I think I would avoid Lisa, solely because of what she plans to do to Ray. I mean, that’s pretty evil.

Which character would strip for money?


I think they all have too much pride for that. So none.

Which character is the best cook?


Arkenham’s mom. Because moms are the best.

Which character is your personal favorite?


So subjective omg. Sophia holds a special place in my heart because she is based off of me slightly. Sonia is so feisty and such a badass and I love that. Ray is the perfect guy. Pete has a good sense of humor. Victoria is a good villain. Holy moly, I can’t choose.

Which character could you never lie to because they’re so precious?



Which character thinks nobody likes them?


Winston. And I mean, he’s not wrong…

Which character do you wish you could switch lives with and why?


Huh. Good question. I think I would switch lives with Sophia. I mean, great grades, amazing boyfriend, loving family, lots of friends… body swap please, s’il vous plait.

Which character do you wish would die? (Roman doesn’t count, as I already killed him in my imagination)


In your story? Hm… I don’t think I hate anyome to that extent. Maybe Lisa, before she hurts Ray.

Which character is most likely to prank call 911?


That’s called “I’m going to get arrested.” And Pete would do that because he is so brave that it’s going to get him killed one day.

Which character would join the military?


Hm… Maybe Channing if his dream to be a football player fails. It probably won’t fail though. He’s good at what he does.

Which character is most likely to attend a gay pride parade?


Arkenham. Or Red, since she’s a lesbian. (She’s not out, though, so she actually probably wouldn’t.)

Which character would jump off a cliff if all their friends did?