Which Character Would NOT Do That?

Ok. We’ve all played ‘Which Character Would Do That’, but this game is different. There’s always that one character who wouldn’t do something. Who is it?

How This Game Works.

  1. Think of something a character woldn’t do.
  2. Ask which character in your story wouldn’t do it.
  3. Respond to which character wouldn’t do that and why.

Person 1: Which character in your story wouldn’t confess their feelings?
Person 2: My character John wouldn’t confess his feelings. He’s a coward.
Person 2: Which character wouldn’t go to school?

I’ll start off…

Which character in your story wouldn’t care about what their parents said?

My character Chris wouldn’t care about what her parents said, she is equal parts stubborn and strong-willed.

Which character in your story wouldn’t self-sacrifice?

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My character Arundel wouldn’t because his biggest concern is about self preservation.

Which character in your story wouldn’t take a job at google (assuming they had the right qualifications)?

Ooooh this is fun!

I feel like Ashwini has the coding skills, but she wouldn’t take it at Google because she’s into medicine

Which character wouldn’t ever get a tattoo?


Sara would never get a tattoo. She is too sweet and nice. Having five watches on her arm is enough for her.

Which character wouldn’t go to college if they had the choice?


Kass wouldn’t go to college if given the choice. Her favorite part of school was always lunch, and she is happy with the cafe business she has built for herself. College, in her opinion, would only stop her from being able to do what she enjoys.

Which character wouldn’t offer a stranger a ride?

Jimmy would definitely hesitate to offer a stranger a ride. He is a bit reserved and the only way he’d do is if Sara talked him into it.

Which character wouldn’t get a job if they didn’t have to?

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Isha, being lazy af, wouldn’t do that.

Which character isn’t a total stalker?

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Kei, being an introvert, isn’t a stalker.

Which character has a bad temper

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Isha has the worst temper out of all of them.

Which character isn’t the golden child?

Probably Dean, he’s just an average person with dumb experiences.

Which character wouldn’t eat vegitables?

Ava doesn’t like to be healthy and wouldn’t eat her vegetables.

Which character wouldn’t turn themselves in if they did something really bad?

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Probably most of them tbh. Rexorax might, given some time. Mirror Claws wouldn’t because ey hate confrontation and don’t have too much consciounce, and Flax wouldn’t because he doesn’t have morals either and considers himself above everyone.

Which character wouldn’t take up the chance to go to a famous musician’s show?

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Jimmy wouldn’t feel comfortable with doing that. Maybe if Sara wanted to, he’d go.

Which character wouldn’t trust someone if their life depended on it?

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ISHA. Definitely. Especially when it comes to Ashwini (ironic, since she’s studying to become a doctor)

Which character wouldn’t ever become a doctor?

Anyar- she can’t deal with people being hurt
Which character wouldn’t sing in front of anyone ever?

Nathan, he can’t sing, and he doesn’t appear confident.

Which character wouldn’t say ‘I love you’?

Ashlyn. She’s afraid of letting herself love anyone, only to suffer the pain and heartache of losing them at a later date.

Which character wouldn’t spend the holidays with their family and/or friends?

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Xena, she’s the head knight and is way too busy to actually spend real time with anyone. She also feels that there are more productive things to do then to spend her time with people

Which character won’t accept that reality is really real?

If something awfully tragic happened, then yes, they wouldn’t.

Which character isn’t a sadist?