Which color set do you use?


Which color set do you use?

  • Dark
  • Light (default)
  • Clubs-style

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Three-way tie. :rofl:


mine now has a blue thing, does yours?


Indeed it does.


I honestly didn’t realize how badly I needed a dark theme until these beta clubs LOL Now I honestly want one for Wattpad in general on the web :laughing:


I might switch to dark if I need to. The synesthesia becomes a lot stronger when I do. I usually see a faint outline of color with white text against a black background.


I’ve just found my eyes to find it much easier to look at the black background then the white. And I haven’t had as many issues with having to squint as I sometimes do on wattpad LOL All these years and I never knew a black background could help so much! I mean the white text is a little TOO white against the black, but tonning down my screen brightness helped offset that.


I just changed it to the dark background… oh my goodness this is so nice! I really love it.


Yeah it’s great! I’ve been using it from the start. Even though there’s a few things I don’t like about it, it’s still so much easier on the eyes to me.