Which Cover is better?


TF5 Fire52

  • The First Photo -With the slightly green background-
  • The Second Photo - With The crown-

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Can I vote neither? :thinking:

The text doesn’t mesh well with either cover.

Considering how busy the images are, I’d recommend using a simpler font style.

Like a thick bold white font?


i’d advise getting one from those really old mdc artists. they know how to blend elements.


The first one is the best, but personally, I would like to vote neither. They just don’t mesh well and the fonts don suit, it’s not blended together in a way that makes it cohesive.


@brookekuipers @Lumi Not meaning to sound rude so if I do I apologize, I’m not looking to change the cover or get someone else to do it for me, I spent hours on this, Please just pick one and move along with your day <3


First one