Which Cover?

I need help deciding on a new cover! I would really appreciate your opinion. Here’s the options:

  1. Thank you!

my order of preference would be 1 3 2

My preference is 3, 1, 2

My preference is 123

I only like the first one.

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The 1st for sure and the 3rd for last (don’t use it)

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lmao are there any other options

You could make a poll about this and maybe it will help you know which cover to choose for your book

i like the 3rd one

first is best.


i’m kidding.
i like the first one.

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Hey! Sorry for interrupting but do you guys know anyone who needs covers? I make them for free and I don’t know where I can advertise.

Number 1 definitely. This one captures the readers attention way more than any of the other ones you showed. The font is not as basic as some of the others you have shown. The colors give more of a contrast that would attract reader. Also another reason is that the other ones you show look to me like most other stories out there. You want to try and be original so going with a more unique cover will get you more attention in the vast wattpad community. <3

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I’d vote for the first one.

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