Which Cover?

Hello! I’ve made another cover for my story but I don’t know if I should replace the cover I currently have with the new one or not… some help?

The story is in the superhero genre; I want the cover to reveal her snake :snake: super power, but I also like the purple cover because it alludes to a later plot concept. What do you think?

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Any comments on them? :innocent: anything wold help :pray:t2:

I think the new/second one as it has a more mysterious element.

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I like them both! But they evoke different feelings. I presume the girl in the picture is the MC? The first one feels more edgy/bad girl, while the second seems like she’s more of a free spirit.

They both do a great job at catching attention. They’re really beautiful! But you want to pick the one that best fits the story and what you want the reader to feel when they see the cover. It’s like an introduction so we know what to expect.

Good luck!


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I think I’m going with the old cover. Thanks for your help!!