Which fantasy 'villains' are you sick of and what kind would you like to see more of?

Yeah, pretty much the title. :woman_shrugging:

What kind of fantasy 'villains' interest you and what kind have you seen just too many times or just don't like?

I’m figuring out my own Fantasy story right now and I’d love to hear your opinions. :slight_smile:

Let’s just go ahead and air out the villains we all hate. Villains who are villains for the sake of Villainy. You know, those guys who kick puppies in wells and steal candy from children because hur-dur I am big bag guy. It’s lazy writing. We all get that. Now I’m honestly intrigued by what other types of Villains people hate.


I’m a little burned out on sympathetic villains that try to blur the lines between right and wrong or make you try to see their side of things with some dumb monologue instead of just disposing the good guys in practical, malicious fashion. Nothing wrong with this character, and they can be rather compelling when done right, but it’s become a little cliche recently. I’d like to see more epic, evil overlords who want to raze the world just to see it burn! :smiling_imp:

King Gidorah was almost as epic as the real king himself in the latest Godzilla flick. He didn’t complicate himself with any sympathetic motive, questionable morality, or ends justify the means ideology. Just unabolished invasion, destruction, mayhem, genocide, and so on and so on. Pure evil awesomeness. :sunglasses:


I like to see villains that are as well thought out characters as the protagonists, who have proper (sympathetic or non-sympathetic!) motivations. Half-assed, old hat motivations that are never (or poorly) explained are almost as bad as evil for the sake of evil. It can be hard to do this right; I’ve made mistakes here myself. But I always prefer when the villain makes sense.

In addition, I want to see the villains succeed! Not forever, not always, but it gets old fast when the villain never finishes any plans or wins any big hits; it makes them toothless.


I’m a sucker for villains who choose to be a villain in order to protect someone/something (for example, one of my characters became a villain because she used the men around her to survive and have a secure position, which would give her child a secure fate). I also love villains who have intricate backstories (easier to relate to).


This is it for me. Even if it’s just for the sake of being evil, I want to see this be a strong character trait in them. I want a villain that feels like a real enemy, not just there for plot purpose.

Absolutely! A villain that wins a battle in the war makes the entire story so much more thrilling

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Why is it always a Dark Lord and never a Dark Baron or Dark Viscount? Dark Gold club member

Probably because Barons and Viscounts are so low down the Hierarchy when it comes to a medieval feudal system. Plus lord is a generic term meaning Nobile, so it could be a dark Baron, you would just never know till you see his superior :smiley:


So if you are feared evil incarnate, you can pretty much give yourself a title like Dark King, or Dark Awesome. lol

Somehow I knew someone was going to go there.

The Villain with the tragic back story is so… eh w.e

I like the I can so I do kind of bad guy no explanation, no long my puppy was killed in a fire simply I mean… why not Kanye shrug

Two words: Hitler Clones…


Like someone else said, I am getting tired of sympathetic villains. I am a sucker for evil overlords who just want endless power and evil cults who are a buncha loons. Redemption arcs aside, I don’t want to like the villain.


I am the Dark Semi-Villainous, Near-Authoritative Lackey of Evilness! Fear me! Pleeeease?

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I guess Vladimir Harkonnen never got that memo. :smirk:

I think evil for the sake of evil has its place. There’s a lot of serial killers who kill because that’s their normal. They just do it for the simple pleasure of doing because they enjoy it. They were born that way, and have no reason other than nature wills them to do it.

I’m also a fan of villains who have a reason to be bad as long as their story is well written. I tried to out a spin on both of these with one villain in particular.

Basically, he’s seen as the good guy until near the end of the story. It’s revealed that he suffered a tragic loss, and uses revenge as a reason to be bad, but he also just enjoys it. He trips children with magic just to laugh at them, and has the MC kill his brother because he wanted too. He’s also manipulated the MC into doing his bidding which is what the plot centers around for that book.

I have another villain that is more a villain of circumstance. She’s trying to save her people from extinction, and their traditions have taught her and her kin that the other races are lower than them and should be treated as such. In her mind, she’s the good guy by trying to conquer the realm so her race can expand and hopefully grow stronger instead of withering away in the small corner they live in.


I think sometimes we just want to root for the good side and not have to face a moral dilemma to enjoy a story.


This is a very good point. I mean, when was the last time we had a villain who is just a terrible person in a human movie? Even Joker is getting backstory these days. Who’s left to just be a dick for the sake of being a dick?


Villains that…I don’t hate, but I’m tired of seeing in books and film and anime and manga:

I do bad things because I can muahahahaha

I have no weaknesses…unless, of course, the main hero comes to me with this tiny blade of justice and happens to courageously pierce my heart when I was either A) distracted by my ego and power, B) angrily ranting about how such a tiny blade can NEVER defeat me, or C) caught off guard because I thought main hero was dead.

I want to rule the world!! Why?
A) I had a terrible childhood and hate everyone.
B) I just hate people, get over it.
C) I love feeling powerful. I’m addicted to seeing people in pain because of me.
D) I am cursed. The curse is giving me power. I might die killing you all but I want to do it. It’s fun.

I will do really horrible evil things, but die from my own pathetic mistake that is A) caused by underestimating my own power and it consumed me
B) caused by underestimating the hero BIG TIME
or C) caused by me underestimating nature (boulder like the witch in Snow White, mudslide, flood like in Lion King 2, lightning, you name it.)


What type of villains do you enjoy personally?