Which is better for the story?

Happy Friday everyone! I have a question that I need a little feedback on because I’m rather stuck. I’m writing a book about a werewolf hunter turned Werewolf during a hunt one night. He has to flee with his brother to escape being hunted themselves. They end up with one of the brother’s old friends (who are secretly in love) and hide out there for a while. My dilemma is that I’m not sure whether or not to have the MC reveal that he’s a hunter to the people who take him in upfront or keep it angsty and wait to reveal it?

I’ve tried writing it both ways but I’m still not sure which one is best. The person who takes my MC in is also a werewolf so revealing that my MC is a hunter would cause some tension and conflict.

If you have any feedback, please let me know! Sorry that was a really crappy summary of what’s happening lol.

Roll a dice or flip a coin :smiley:

You can build a lot more tension if you don’t reveal that information at once. You can put your characters in situations where they’d come close to finding out that he’s a hunter, but then get interrupted or something like that. You could get some great cliffhangers that way.


Wait for the reveal! It makes the drama more spicy. Not to mention the inner conflict the MC could experience! The person who helped him is a werewolf, but he is a hunter! Should he still follow his old morale and go after them? But he is a werewolf too now! So that makes things difficult! The tension! The tragedy!

Lol! Thanks :joy: I just might.

Oh yes! I do love cliff hangers. Thanks!

Oh I like this answer! I’d definitely like writing the inner conflict of my MC. Thanks!

I love irony particularly dramatic irony and believe it is actually the primary driver of reader interest. Readers keep reading to see what happens next(ironic twist) or to see what will happen one a character finds out what is actually going on–this is dramatic irony.
Your story has nice irony.
-The hunter becomes the hunted.
-friend is secretly in love. Dramatic irony.
-MC is a hunter and the others don’t know it. This is key. As soon as they find out, the tension collapses. So the trick is to delay it as long as possible but no longer. Delay to long and the reader will get exasperated. A fun way to go is to have it revealed by it’s not believed or some such thing so that the tension/expectation is retained. The reader is expecting this irony to be delayed so you can go with a different irony of revealing it or having the hunter believed. The trick with this is a surprising reaction. Set up expectation of a twist or surprise. When the expectation can no longer be delayed than collapse it. I think of it like a stack of blocks that the reader gets to knock over. The fun comes from expecting to knock them over. The bigger the stack, the more fun it is to see it. Knocking or dominos is the ultimate of this kind of expectation of things falling over.

I agree with this. I would wait and reveal the information slowly.

That really sounds interesting! When will you post the first chapter?

Thanks! I just posted the first chapter :))

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Why exactly would a werewolf hunter reveal he’s a werewolf hunter to a werewolf? That’s like telling your girlfriend’s dad that you cheated on her. Especially if the hunters rely on the werewolf to keep them safe.

Fair point.

I assumed that the werewolf didn’t reveal that they are a werewolf.

I don’t know if that would cause tension as much as it would cause personal turmoil.

It doesn’t really matter if he is or isn’t a hunter, since he’s one of them now. It’s a “now you understand us” moment. It would be a nice piece of irony that the others would probably find amusing. He’s stuck as he is, just like they are.

They would probably be more angry at him if he killed someone they knew or loved.