which movie makes your skin crawl


The psychological movie called “May” freaked me out. I can’t watch it. I left the room after she killed the cat and used the cat’s fur as hair for her human doll (that she killed 3 people to create).

I can deal with people dying, but don’t kill innocent animals.


Also, I have multiple mental illnesses and childhood trauma, so if there’s any heavy psychological themes in a horror movie, it will spark off one or two of my mental illnesses and give me trouble.

The first season of American Horror Story gave me a panic attack because of the heavy rape theme in that season.


I continued the season; I don’t stop watching or reading something triggering because it’ll cement in my brain that it’s okay to react that way to things that make me uncomfortable, and that is not true.

So, I sometimes watch scary movies to expose myself to psychological triggers to desensitize myself.


I’m sorry to hear that, must be difficult to watch it. Do you feel related in characters who struggle in mental illness? Or do you get upset of how inaccurate it is?


Oh, good question!

I’m not a sociopath or a psychopath, and what you see in psychological thrillers are sociopaths and psychopaths, so I’m not at all offended. I don’t relate to them because that’s not me at all.


I haven’t see any movie that’s a psychological thriller about someone with G.A.D, OCD, and depression, so :joy:

Maybe there is for PTSD, but I haven’t seen those.


what about in books with a different genre other than psychological thriller? like a protagonist has a PTSD, panic attack, depression and etc how do you feel?


I write characters with all that and that doesn’t bother me (probably because it’s coming from me).

I guess I don’t read many books that deal with mental illnesses because all the ones I’ve read do a pretty good job, and it’s never upset me to read a book that isn’t accurately portraying mental illnesses, though I know they’re out there.

what people don’t appreciate with The Hunger Games series is that the author gets PTSD right. I applaud her for showing what PTSD does to people, especially combat-themed PTSD.


Yeah I have read characters with tragic past and I write them not just because it’s a popular trope but, I want to show that tragedy or disabilities is just part of a life struggle.


But I don’t want to be an asshole that write your mental illness as a power up and make it inaccurate. If I did I sincerely apologize for my misinformation.


Is there anything questions that you get upset of your mental illness?


I always suggest heavy research before tackling mental illnesses.


It’s odd when people ask for details about my abuse, but that’s not necessarily about mental illness.

I don’t get weird questions about my mental illnesses because frankly, I don’t announce it very often, whereas someone who talks about it to others multiple times a day will get weird questions eventually.


thank you


Anyone else get freaked out by Hereditary? I literally couldn’t sleep after watching that one.


I enjoy most of the horror movies y’all said like cartoons :joy:

BUT there are movies that are gorier that I can’t stand.

The Human Centipede

Slither (For the love of GOD don’t watch this)

and Achraphobia (I have the literal phobia sooo)


guys i finally got to watch the nun.
i have no words


Not a movie but… The Haunting Of Hill House on Netflix was borderline brilliant in my opinion. Every shot was set up so you never knew what was coming. I legit screamed and threw my remote control during one scene. Didn’t help that the volume was blasted! Bonus points cause it was adapted from a novel written by Shirley Jackson.

Also … the movie Signs terrified me as a child. Aliens man. :alien:


Annabelle’s creation


That’s what upset me about the movies. They cut the end of the last book out completely. The part where she is emotionally crippled for months and barely gets out of bed. Katniss was mentally and emotionally broken by that point. It was accurate AF to real depression and you see none of that heaviness in the movie.

For me, the books had two points. The larger picture about our society’s flaws, only exaggerated. And the smaller picture of how these things can affect people on an emotional level. How trauma never really goes away, you learn to adapt and survive with it. Taking that out really did an injustice to the books.


Event Horizon. Session 9. Jacob’s Ladder. John Carpenter’s The Thing. Alien.

Mainly Event Horizon. That left scars.

Also for some reason The Fourth Kind really messed with me.