Which Name?



Hey guys! I was wondering what name you thought fit the best with the following character:

This character is a male in university. He is quite arrogant — smirking seems to be the only thing he is capable of doing (until the main character genuinely becomes his friend).

He can be comedic when he wants to be, but mostly reserves his jokes for those one-off situations. He can be just as irritating as he is heartwarming (unless you don’t know him personally, than he’s just irritating). Only certain people that fit his sense of humour seem to understand him, or rather, learn to slightly like him. He is very protective, and despite the hard facade is very soft at his roots.

He was raised to be a gentleman, which meant (even though he was often chastising and annoying) he never failed to open the door for women, etc. He even goes as far as to interrupt a fight in which a male was about to beat a female and says — “Leave the little lady alone.”

He seems as hard as stone, with a slightly squishy middle — but when you really get to know him, you find that he is the literal incarnation of a teddy bear.

He has a fascination with art, nature and things that have beauty in general. He’s a real suck for pretty music, and is embarrassed when someone finds out what music he likes. He isn’t one to lie, so when questioned about something he doesn’t want people to know the truth of, he simply avoids the question — as he doesn’t like lying.

He’s not the typical guy, that brags about his abs or muscles. In fact, if caught shirtless, he does his best to cover up without seeming insecure. He isn’t insecure, but rather, doesn’t want his character to be judged because of his looks or body.

He values intelligence very highly. And is currently studying law. He is quick to be fasinated by a character, as they a majoring in art — and paint the most beautiful realistic paintings.

When around others he tries his best not to cry, as he doesn’t very much like being openly vulnerable. But don’t mistake him for one of those brutes that don’t cry at all. He cries openly when alone, and around those he truly cares about. At the start of the novel, the only people he can openly cry around is his mother, and his best mate.

If this guy cries around you, you know he fully trusts you not to judge him because of his sensitive heart.

  • Adrian
  • Jaime
  • Nico

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If you have any other names in mind, just comment!


Nico. Nico is a great name, no matter the character. Call them all Nico!


I like Adrian and Nico.


Jaime seems to be good name for guys who seem kind of arrogant, but turn out to be big, old softies later. Or maybe I just watch too much GoT…


Hahahha same!!




ME TOO :sob:




I don’t care what happens to Jamie, but if Tyrion dies, Imma punch a bitch.


Ahhh nooo, I vacillated between Nico and Jaime, and I picked Jaime! I’m on the losing side of history! :smiley:


I feel like the characters who have faced death after season 3 won’t die because like what’s the point? But the characters who were safe such as dany would probably die. Tyrion almost got killed for joffreys death in season 4 so it’s highly unlikely they’d just kill him off after all that drama