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So currently I have a way to many books going on, on my second account, So I was hoping I could get some opinions on which people would actually most likely read. So I can work on a few and put others on the back burner ( I have equal ideas and desires for all of them that’s why I’m getting opinions)

Below I’ll have a number for the story (if you want to know the name PM me) a summary, (which is my wattpad story description) what its about, Genre and quick insert/paragraph (from the first chapter or intro Some might have two.) with a poll at the very end.

Summary: Moon Child, Daughter of the stars, girl of the night. Go forth with Moondust in your lungs and stars in your eyes, you are a child of the cosmos and ruler of the skies.
What its about: A teenage girl is saved by a werewolf, who know thinks she’s some precious little doll that needs to be protected at all time. Who’s younger brother just so happens to have a crush on her, so no matter what she does she just can’t seem to escape the two. It’s supposed to be a lighter and somewhat comical take on teen werewolves, with some drama added in.
Genre: Teenfic/Werewolf/Romcom
Insert/Paragraph: Thump… Thump… Thump…

Like war drums sounding what was to come I come I could hear my blood rushing through my veins. Each breath of the cold night air stung my lungs with a burning fire, I could feel my legs growing weaker with each step. None of that mattered I couldn’t stop. If I did I was sure to die, not a nice one either, a slowly torn limb from limb torturous type of death.

With each twist and turn deeper into the forest the further away from the trail I knew I was becoming, The forest floor wet from the mornings’ rainfall caused the dirt to cling to my boots, shifting under the pressure of my feet as I ran.

Summary: The Darkness in a woman is such that, stripped of our site, we must feel our way through it - we crawl, we enter her circles of Hell until we sympathize with her sorrow until we learn from her rage
What it’s about: The story is about a group of friends in a large secluded town, If you saw one, you were bound to see the others. there was the twins, The half-siblings and the only child. but when one dies in a tragic accident, everything changes for them.
Genre: Teenfic, supernatural, magic, hint of romance
Insert/Paragraph: “From the rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity” - Edvard munch

Snow, is often recognized as being pure, clean, innocent, untouched the world at peace A new beginning. Let me tell you, it’s not. Snow is brutal, ruthless and unforgiving it will take your last breath. I would know. Much like the ice under our feet that cold December day, our lives cracked underneath us, as the snow showed what it truly was, a disasters force of nature.

Summary He’s in my veins, I can feel him in my blood.
What’s it about: Fleur has had the same three best friends since Preschool, what she didn’t know what they were the children of Gods. That was until one night on there way home from a late study session a young girl appears out of nowhere and everything changes.
Genre: Supernatrual, Action, Romcom
Insert/Paragraph: You could feel the electricity in the air, with each blast against the building the stone walls quaked, Inside I could sense the fear welling up inside of me. The others minus the strange young girl seemed rather calm, unfazed by the growing attacks. I shifted on the spot pulling at the edges of my jean jacket.

“Fleur, Watch the girl. You two with me” Althea announced to her brother and our oldest friend.

My mouth dropped at the comment, my eyes darting from the young girl next to Belen and back to Althea. Panic swarmed over my body within seconds, my orbs of hickory wide as they darted between the two. The Girl was no more than fourteen, her head shaven to a buzz cut, the white hospital gown we had found her in now covered in dirt and stained with blood.

“What am I supposed to do with a teenage girl?” panic laced my voice.

“Why are you asking me?!” Althea questioned back,

“You were a teenage girl once!” I stressed eyes darting from the girl to her.

“And I blocked that experience from my memory!” Althea informed.

“Me too!” I added nervously.

“This is cute and all, but if we don’t get out there, they are coming in” Belen announced storming for the doors.

Althea nodded following the man up the metal staircase, emerging from where he stood behind me Atticus placed a large hand on my shoulder tilting his head down to meet my eyes. His orbs of moss and copper were calm, they show no fear, no worry but they still twinkled even in the dim light of the warehouse.

Summary Monsters are real, but they’re not what you think, they look like you and me. They walk beside us every day, our friends, our neighbors, the old fisherman at the dock. The only way to know a real monster is if you are one.
What’s it about: One of the last of her kind, a young woman, is entrusted to keep the balance between the supernatural and mortal world. A task that for the most part in her hometown seemed to be rather easy, until someone, or should I say something, new comes to town with trouble nipping at his heels.
Genre: Supernatural, Dark romance
Insert/Paragraph: I never knew a lot about demons, there was never one in town to question and even my grandmother had never encountered one in person. All she ever told me was, Demons have no need to seek sanctuary, it does nothing for them. They feed on pain and chaos, why would they need peace. After Sascha had wandered into town, more demons and creatures of darkness followed, it was then I knew something big was going to happen, I could feel in my bones.

Something wicked this way comes…

Summary “You are never so lost that your angels cannot find you”
What’s it about: Aven had spent her entire life surrounded by Angels and demons, although she never knew it. It isn’t until a near death experience she finds out her bland ordinary life, isn’t so ordinary after all.
Genre: Supernatural, Dark Romance, Adventure
Insert/Paragraph: “Go on a date she said, it’ll be fun she said, he’s such a nice guy she said” I grumbled bitterly to myself.

Turning on the landing I trudged up the fourth and final set of stairs, fully ready to murder my best friend and roommate for talking me into dating again. For two weeks she had talked up and pressured me into saying yes to a guy who had come into the bar a couple times. Just like I had thought, he wasn’t as “Nice” of guy as she thought.

Storming into our older two bedroom apartment The first thing I witnessed as Akiva dancing around our tiny enclosed kitchen wooden spoon in hand large headphones covering her ears. Blasting what I was sure was some 90’s rap or pop song. Her long pin straight mane of burnt pecan swayed freely as she spun around, even in the dim light of our apartment her tawny skin seemed to have a golden glow.

Kicking my shoes off I purposely slammed the door to announce my unpleasant arrival. Akiva’s unfazed movements as she cooked whatever food she was most likely burning, was a clear sign she hadn’t heard me. walking around the kitchen I stepped in the side entrance, plucking the headphones I let them snap back against her head, Akiva jumped from the surprise attack.

“You’re home early” She stated more than questioned as dropped the headphone around her slender neck.

“Never Again” I growled narrowing my charred espresso orbs at her.

“What but he was so cute, and nice!” she reminded as I stormed down the small hallway towards the bathroom and our rooms.

“I guess Cute and nice is the new code for TOOL” I informed stepping into my room.

SummaryEvery town has one, that old house at the end of the street. The one filled with rumors, that children feared. In Squirrel River that house was Wisteria Manor.
What its about Jacqueline never knew much about her past, she grew up in the foster system and she grew up fast. One night after being attacked and the caretaker bringing her into the “haunted” wisteria manor, she learns about a world hidden right in front of her face, one she was apart of and sworn by blood to protect.
Genre: Supernatrual, family, Romcom
Insert/Paragraph: Taking a shop to turn onto Garden street an all to familiar shiver. It wasn’t a normal shiver like you’d get from the cold. It started deep within like ice forming in your veins, then brushed across the skin like fresh frost of the morning. It was the same feeling I gotevery time I stepped onto Garden Street, the only thing I could blame was the old Wisteria Manor.

_Everyone had their rumors about the old place, the old building overgrown, vines creeping over the stone walls as the twisted around the large metal gates. The exterior of the old building its self-covered in Ivy and hanging wisteria flowers. No one really knew where it came from, they claimed it was haunted, that anyone who entered disagreed, that the lady caretaker was actually a ghost, or a murderer depending who you asked. _

Each tale more extravagant as the last, only growing as the years went on. There was one thing I knew for sure, the house gave me an odd feeling. It was one I couldn’t explain, it was like nothing I had ever felt before. I felt as if the house called to me, begged me to enter and at the same time screaming for me to stay away.

Walking down the dimly lit street I did my best to avoid the potholes overflowing with water, never really sure how deep they were. Walking down the street an uneasy feeling churned my stomach. I did my best to ignore the feeling bubbling up inside me, head down I hurried down the street.

The sound started as a low scratch, like a tree branch tapping against the window in a windstorm. It grew quickly into something much more menacing, the sound rivaled that of nails on a chalkboard causing me to freeze in place. Hand clutching over my ears, I turned on the spot. dark figures stretched out from the darkness of the shadows.

Blurring from the darkness humanoid figures pulled themselves from the shadow. Their skin was translucent, pale as moonlight, their narrows faces almost featureless. There soulless black eyes and razor-sharp teeth prominent under the streetlights. There limbs thin disproportionate to the rest of there body. There long claw-like toenails scratched against the wet pavement, the sounds that escaped there mouths were undefinable muffled screams.

Summary “We will be legends, or we’ll die trying” - Vermeillon Forst. The stories your parents told you as children, the ones of princess, princes, and magic, they weren’t stories. They were legends, and this is the story of there ancestors.
Whats it about The story is a modern/retelling of “Classic” fairy and folk tales. it focuses on The decedent of Red Riding Hood. A “School” for the children ( Ages 13- 29) for there safety and knowledge ect. Called Forte Noir Academy. And breaking the social status of the “Enchanted” world. The students are broken up into three groups, The Legacy (The most known and remembered) The Lawless ( The Villians) and The leftovers ( the ones you somewhat remember)
Genre: Supernatrual/Fairy tale, Power, Romance
Insert/Paragraph: The three of us knew that outside the courtyard despite being chilly, the sun was shining and the temperature higher than inside the courtyard. It seemed we weren’t the only one who had noticed, spread out through the rounded corridor various students were spread out, some I knew some i didn’t. However, we all had a hunch of who was behind the snow storm.

“Other people would like to use the courtyard V!” I announced stepping into the growing blizzard.

I could hear the students whisper and murmur as I stepped into the isolated storm. where most students, especially the Legacies were intimidated and for some afraid of the lawless, I wasn’t. Valkoinen over the past eleven years had gained himself a rather nasty reputation. He was the son of Frau Holle the Ice queen. Like many students, he had two sides, the boy, and the princes. Most saw the princes, Dark and bitter like his mother.

When his temper got the better of him, the Ice prince came out and terrorized and terrified the students. There was one point a few years back he had even frozen a teacher solid. Like most Lawless though if you knew how to approach and speak to him, he wasn’t as dangerous as he put off.

Everything around me was lost in a blizzard of white, I could feel myself growing colder by the second. The frost slowly began to cling to my skin, each step the blanket of snow grew deeper. Goosebumps claimed my skin as I entered the center of the courtyard. I could see the dark shape laying in the snow as I neared it.

He looked so innocent laying against the purity of the snow, his skin pale almost translucent dark circles under his eyes, dark locks a snow-flecked mess. His dark colored jeans and matching top, contrasted against the white around him. He looked peaceful; he looked dead.

“G…g…get up” I stuttered a shiver running through me.

Valkoinens pools of liquid amber flickered up at me, they took a second to adjust narrowing at me in the storm, as he slowly rose into a sitting position before standing up. It took seconds after he arose to his feet for the storm to stop, it was abrupt and unnatural much like the way it had started.

“Verm” he greeted flatly.

“V.” I retorted in the same tone.

“Too much?” He questioned

“Not all of us can survive in below freezing” I reminded.

A smirk pulled on the edges of his lips, he knew what he was doing. Rolling my eyes I crossed my arms over my chest. V knew at that moment he had gotten what he had wanted, I could see it in his eyes. for the eleven years, I had known him, four of which were spent fearing him, id learned despite his temper sometimes all he really wanted was to be noticed.

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Omg, number 7. Yes yes. Omg. I can’t. Yes. Sorry, haha. Love dark fairytales and romance and red riding hood and stuff.


7 was also interesting!


I like the fourth one cause you can sort of relate out to real life


Question is the first one a love triangle thing?


Also they all sound really good :joy:


Its kinda open for interpretation, Both brothers have feelings for her, and are protective over her, where her feelings for them do grow, she’s also really annoyed with the whole thing


Four is the only one I’d read. :open_mouth: