Whispering Wilds


A forest in which a lonely fox lives,

muttering to herself.

If you listen closely,

you can hear the trees echoing her faint words.

You can come and whisper alongside her,

or just sit back and listen to the ramblings.

Either way,

she doesn’t mind.

People come and go,

after all,

like leaves on the wind.

Like whispers in an empty room.



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There is a Whispering Wilds discord server for those who want it! Ask me for the link if you want to join, because forum rules prevent me from sharing it here.

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My best word war scores so far. I’m always working on improving them. So, if you want a war… Hit me up :eyes: Or I may just hit you up first.

Five minutes: 215 words
Ten minutes: 503 words (11/09)
Fifteen minutes: 660 words
Twenty minutes: 771 words
Thirty minutes: 718 words





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Shiny Trees

Trees made from metal wire, with gemstones as ‘leaves’.

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Cat pictures from the animal shelter I volunteer at.

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Hello there! I’m Jane Barnaby, though most just call me Jane (or Jane the Fox, or Jane the Firefox. Some even call me “Fire”). I’m a girl living in Western Europe, in a country that’s currently suffering a drought but normally has pouring rain. My home there is filled with three cats – one of which you can see in my profile picture – a few shrimp, a handful of water snakes, lots of fish, two koi, and a bunch of frogs. Though all the latter in the list mostly belong to my father and sister.

On the forums, I actually have several “life goals”.
1: Have the most badges that I can.
2: Get into the top 10 posters of all time and stay there. As of writing this, I am #12, and I can do far better than that. I just have to try harder and get over my shyness. So, don’t be afraid to reach out and aid me in my mission! If you talk to me, it’s far less awkward, and I will get much further than I will on my own. I’m not scary, I swear.

The genre I write in most is Fantasy. Well, it’s actually the only genre I write in. What’s a good book without some epic original creatures and lots of magic to spice things up? I actually managed to get into a Fantasy short story anthology with my entry into a writing contest, so you could say I’m a published author. I don’t really count it, though, as the publisher was rather questionable and quality was low. Completing my first ever fantasy story is far higher in my list of writing achievements, although six books have to sequel that one.

Somehow, I also managed to become a poet and a fanfiction writer in August. The first was completely accidental, but I’m sticking to it now. I even have my own poetry anthology and everything. And the latter? Well, it sprouted at 2 am as we were waiting for Neo-Tokyo’s end. Derui is more than pleased he got to beat the crap out of an Alolan captain and kill a few pokémon.

I read about anything if it’s Fantasy or Sci-fi. Bonus points if there’s 0 romance and it’s written in a way that’s easy to understand for non-native English speakers. Give me curious aliens, shiny technology, dangerous beasts, and powerful gods. Or just give me the apocalypse, be it magical or by science. Whatever you prefer.

I actually very strongly dislike GIFs and try to avoid them if possible. This is because I’m really sensitive to light/motion, so they give me massive headaches. The more intense the GIF, the worse the pain. So please, no GIFs! <3

I’m a highschool dropout at age 16. It’s actually illegal to drop out of school at that age without a fancy paper, but I bent the law just to be able to do it. Not the best accomplishment one can think of, but ey, it’s something. Only a few hundred others can say the same. That said, I do have a very fancy Cambridge Advanced Exam paper, stating I’m quite good at English to their standards.

One big goal in my life is to make some money for myself. Working is hard for me with my conditions, so I’ve set my eyes on freelancing as copyeditor. I’ve always had a thing for English, and now backed up by the fancy CAE paper and many hours of experience as free editor, I want to give it a shot and ask money for it. It’ll be a work in progress, though.

Four times a year, I go to LARP events. There are two I go to, both once in the spring and once in the fall, by the same organisation but with different people running it. The first is a 13th century low fantasy set in Germany, where I play as an Irish healer. The latter is a high fantasy in which I am a NPC, so I play whatever the storymasters have concocted this time. They always manage to outdo themselves more each event.

Tying in with the first LARP, I make soapstone jewelry. They can have Elder Futhark on them, or crosses, or norse runes. I love being able to turn a rough rock into a perfectly smooth piece of stone that actually resembles something. It’s incredibly rewarding, and it really helps with your sense of self worth if it’s low. Just the ability to turn nothing into something good is amazing.

I also make wire trees, with gemstones as leaves. Usually the trees have 12-14 wires, in various colors. The wire colors I have available are copper, silver, gold, and black. As for the gemstones? I have many different kinds I can use as leaf. Sodalite, hawk’s eye, obsidian, tiger’s eye, howlite, and crystal, to name a few.

Upstairs, right outside my room, I have a display case filled to the brim with gemstones. Over the past few years, I’ve managed to acquire quite a few, and they are my pride and joy. Being able to recognize most of them in the case and then out in the real world is really cool. My favourite gemstones are tiger’s eye and larimar, the former for its inner fire, the latter because it looks like the bottom of a pool in sunlight and that just looks epic. I always try to sneak in gemstones or references to them in my stories.

Stuff about mental issues below. Don’t read if it triggers you.

After twelve years of bullying, I suffer from depression, complex PTSD, hyper sensitivity (smell, hearing, taste, sight, etc.), anxiety, and the whole shabam. This means I can be a little bit unstable at times, in pain, or don’t make sense. I’ve also been diagnosed with autism, but personally, I think it’s bull as that entire ‘test’ was done wrong and against regulation in every way.

From another trauma I won’t disclose, I also suffer from general dissociative amnesia (basically, instead of just forgetting my traumas, I just forgot most of my life. My family, my friends, where I’d been in the past. Gone), tics, and some weird kind of stress-caused illnesses that makes me feel sick when faced with too much stress. So if I forget your name or something you told me, it’s not your fault. It’s my PTSD doing it. I try to remember everyone I speak to, I truly do, but the more stressed I am, the less I remember. Talking to me more often reinforces your memory and makes me more likely to remember you.

For that reason, I also hate it when people change their username or profile picture. Although I know it’s you, my mind forgets you, and starts rebuilding your personality from your new profile picture on. It erases all I know about you and creates a whole new image – so I can actually like you less or more or treat you differently if you change either of the two.




Nick AMA document - Compiled by me
List of current awards on Wattpad - Compiled by me
A thread for sharing stats - I’m a part of this
My Ko-fi page for copyediting



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Nothing will come here, just in case I need yet another post for something I didn’t think of earlier. Man, I really suck at making threads about, well, me. I need more experience.

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