Who else Does not like/ Hates Mr Bean?

I personally HATE Mr Bean, why won’t he talk, who goes to the beach in a suit?! Please tell me if you also dislike/ hate him, I don’t want to be alone, I think that we can be really good friends!

I have asked who doesn’t like him, not people who can come here and judge me, so please leave me and my new friends alone, we can dislike/hate whoever we want, it’s called rights, if you don’t understand why we don’t like him, don’t come complaining to us.

He wore a suit in beach thats why he’s mr bean hes not amongst normal people he’s unusual and quite distinctive and the reason behind our laughter u are hating him for not being normal duh if every next person in this world would turn normal there’d be nothing exciting in this world


I’m definitely not normal, so stop judging me… I’m the biggest nerd in the world. I’m not kidding.

saw this title and immediately thought ME. Hands raised and waving, HULLO, this is ME. It’s not that I hate him, it’s just that I can’t stand to watch Mr. Bean things because some of the stuff he does is so embarrassing and awkward that I flush and cringe and feel miserable.
I understand why it’s funny, but I’m the kind of person that sympathises, so watching it just is cruel to my heart.
But I did hang full-size print-outs of Mr. Bean around my school as a high school leavers prank even so. He’s still a funny and iconic character, even if he’s not my kind of funny.


I hate him in a different level, every time I watch it, I find it, stupid, I don’t understand why e never talks which annoys me. I didn’t understand anything he did and the show is just generally difficult to watch.

Part of the reason he doesn’t speak is so that he can communicate to audiences of all backgrounds just in his actions. I don’t get annoyed by him, just embarrassed. :sweat_smile: I think it’s cool that Rowan Atkinson has made this iconic character for himself! It’s just that the character… isn’t for me. Or for you. It’s still an incredible accomplishment tho

Not a fan, but if you don’t like the fruit… stop trying it, I guess. Haven’t watched Mr. Bean in years because I know I can’t stand him.


couldn’t have framed it better uwu


Thread : Complains about someone who doesn’t talk in silent comedy.



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I’m quite sure you hate charlie chaplin too then? cx


No offence but does these people exists !
Huh like seriously huh what huh

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I’ve always hated him. Everyone in my family loved him though and I remember having to watch his movies with them and I would hate it. I just found it so annoying and almost cringy. I would just get super irritated lol

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Mr.Beans is a very specific type of comedy, it uses a lot of techniques from the silent-era movies where dialogue couldn’t be given through speech so it had to be done through the actors… well… acting. It had to be very physically expressive in order to convey the same emotions one or two words could give and that is more difficult than it sounds.

However, the show was also a product of its era. The main character is literally a child in a man’s body and the comedy sometimes is through the paradox of someone so innocent and naive in our day-to-day lives.
The innocence and simple comedy also relates to a time after the World Wars, it was what the people wanted and needed.

Mr.Beans is not intended for the viewer to relate to. He is not a “realistic” character, he has no background, it is never explained how the hell he can live, or has an apartment or doesn’t die of starvation from his mere stupidity. Because those things aren’t important for the show. For its intentions and purposes, the show doesn’t need to be complex and deep. Nor the people wanted those things back in the day, their lives were difficult as it was and watching something light and simple was their escapism.

Another comedy show that made a lot of success and deals with this simple and very innocent and naive type of comedy is Chaves, a show that made a lot of success in Latin-America.

Nowadays the comedy of these shows might not work very well because we (newer generations) passed the trauma of the wars and we are in a sort of more cynical or realistic comedy mood. This isn’t a bad thing on itself, comedy constantly changes and reflects the mood of its time. Another example: how in the 80’s and 90’s (maybe even older) we had an avalanche of family sitcoms were the father was portrayed as an idiot slob and people loved it. Nowadays you will find people getting upset by this trope and wishing for different (and hopefully more positive) portrayals of the father-figure.

So yeah, Mr.Beans is a product of its time with a very specific type of comedy. It has its strengths and its lows and it is understandable that someone might not like it.


U know what i was waiting for ur reply eversince i saw u were typing and u took it so long lol

I take forever writing on my cellphone.
I can’t read everything I wrote unless I swipe up and down and I keep checking if everything is right.

Few typos always escape…


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I didn’t say u hated Mr.bean or anything. But I know u like Mr. Bean

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This is such a beautiful piece of write up :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:
On another note, I’d still prefer watching Mr. Bean over anything else, because, in my opinion, there’s no comedy which could come even closer to it


Same! He’s just so different in his own way.

@FeatheredSerpent preach! :clap:

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