Who inspired you to write?


Ever read an author who wrote a story so beautifully that you wanted to try it for yourself?


I’m more curious if someone out there read something that they thought was horrible and thought, “I can do better than this,” and then they took up writing.


My mother :sweat_smile: she used to read a lot a lot to my siblings and I when we were growing up, which really sparked my imagination (I had an alarming amount of imaginary friends).

Before I could write, I used to make up stories and tell them to my teddy bears, and then when I could write sentences, I wrote stories about a girl who always had friends (because I was a loner, even back then :joy:) and then just experiences throughout my life prompted me to write and create stories, especially if I could make my characters go through the same things I did and end up either with a better outcome or a worse outcome (usually outcomes I didn’t ever foresee writing because the stories ended just writing themselves once I’d started :joy:)


All my friends here on Wattpad inspired me.

Seeing them do it, made me want to give it a try.

<3 <3 <3


A mulititude of writers over many years, but the catalyst was a short story called The Price by Neil Gaiman. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and just made me want to try and do the same to others.


I’ve always had a love for writing, but I think the moment I truly knew I wanted to pursue writing as a career was when I read TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer for the first time. I knew I wanted to tell stories everyone could enjoy.


I wouldn’t say they inspired me because I was writing before I read them, but RL Stine and Stephen King were basically all I read as a teen. It’s kinda funny that I’m more of a fantasy author now despite the fact all I read was horror during my formative years :rofl:


Anything by Sarah J. Mass. That woman has such a lyrical style of writing it’s gorgeous :heart_eyes:


I had always loved reading but when I would try my hand at new stories, I would never get anywhere until I started trying to write historical fiction and that’s when things started changing for me. I don’t read this author’s work anymore (due to a recent horrible scandal involving child abuse) but she wrote series of Christian romances. I can’t get into her work anymore because 1) said scandal and 2) too preachy.

But when I was young those books were everything and I can’t say I hate her historical books because they were so influential.

Ultimately though, it was my mom who inspired me to write. I vaguely remember the sound of the typewriter as she would write for her elective creative writing classes (coincidentally at the same university where I’m getting my degree in the same subejct) and I remember her constantly going over her writing. The day I found her writing was the day I decided to write my own terrible story. She told me all about her writing classes in Louisiana and I said that I wanted to be a writer like her. And I guess it happened? :joy:


Have read a lot of stories over the years, and some were mind blowing.

It’s only that I came on Wattpad, meeting our wonderful community of writers and readers, that the urge to write increased. I really wanted to write, but the fear of failure, of people laughing at me, held me back. My writer friends @Pollardii and @JasminAMiller encouraged me to write for a competition, two years back. I didn’t win, but my confidence increased. The competition and the feedback that followed were a great learning experience for me.

I enter competitions hosted on Wattpad, just for fun, to test my limits and break through…I don’t win, it’s okay. But losing teaches you far more and better than winning.

I will definitely win. Not now, but someday.

Till then, I’ll work harder, better, learn more… A newbie for a lifetime =]


When I was little I wrote a bunch of crap. Then I read “Skammerens Datter” (The Shamer’s Daughter) by Lene Kaaberbøl. She was the one who inspired me to write Fantasy, especially Fantasy with darker themes - which have now transcended into full on Dark Fantasy.

I can honestly say, without her books I probably wouldn’t be writing Fantasy. She was and is my biggest inspiration.


When I was in 6th grade, we had to do these daily journals for my class. It was a mandatory thing where we had to write stuff in it. Not sure why. I wrote about what I ate for breakfast because I didn’t really know what else to write about. My teacher told me to branch out and gave me a few ideas of things to write about. One of them was a story. So, I ended up trying that one out.

For several years after, I wrote on/off and very poorly, but I enjoyed it, I guess.

Then I quit for a while and when I got into the ACNL fandom, I discovered CYOA’s.

One particular CYOA writer inspired me to start writing my own, and despite it being crappy, they really encouraged me to keep going with it. ~40k words later, I started writing novels, too.

Around that time, I remembered my abandoned Wattpad account, so I logged back in.

Got back to writing more and… I’ve been improving ever since.

I didn’t really have an instance where I “fell in love” with writing, but over the years, I’ve noticed that when I write, I tend to feel worse. During certain periods, writing was basically an addiction.

I’d stay awake late into the night just to write because I couldn’t stop writing. I remember being able to write 4-5 chapters IN A DAY. The flame has fizzled a bit, but it burns much longer now.


It was actually a local writer in my county. He wrote children’s books based off actual cities in my state and they were sort of “scary” or “chilling” stories - I never found myself scared reading them, but I was always entertained with the creativity.

The writing style was really simple, as were the characters, but I remember eating up all the books my school’s library held and buying the next one as soon as it was published. He was easily the first author I modeled my writing style after. Then that’s when I got to books like Harry Potter, and even Twilight (yeah, I know) and began to take inspiration from those authors.


Honestly, it was Stephanie Meyer.

When I was a kid, I hated reading and writing. By the time Twilight came out, I didn’t want to read it (my sister waited at the bookstore to buy it even). So I told her I’d wait for the movie. We saw the movie when it first came out to theater and I remember walking out of the theater all shocked. I was eleven at the time and it finally made me want to pick up the books and read (because I wanted to see what happened next, without waiting a full year to see the sequel and so on).

And that started my love of reading. By the time I finished the series, almost a year later, it made me want to write. I loved the idea of creating your own world and characters, so I got on the computer and began typing.

The first ever story I came up with was a fan fiction of Twilight, though at the time, I didn’t know what a fan fiction was so I just thought of it as a normal book. xD

Now, as an adult, I hate Twilight with a passion. Haha. But I respect it.


Haha, well although the whole “I began writing because I can make this better” didn’t happen to me, I have written stories because I thought of how I could make it better. One story I wrote was a teen fiction that could’ve been considered as “good girl/bad boy” but I made it really realistic and different. Just a spin on the cliche. I just wanted to see how the trope could be done if written differently.

My current story is also part of the “I can make it better” group. There was a Wattpad story that got published traditionally and I was so excited to read it. But it became a disappointment to me, and then I got an idea for a new story of how I could do something similar (because technically, the “trope” is kind of overused) but a little better. Or at least, I’m trying to anyway. Haha.


I just realized that if I hadn’t already been writing for some time, William Faulker’s As I Lay Dying might have put me into such a “this is such lazy writing and all these characters are idiots and jerks and I hate this all” mood that I might have taken up writing just to cleanse myself of that book.

Believe it or not, that book is not my most hated book of all time.

Unpopular opinion time: Which revered author kind of...sucks?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa


I’m doubled over in pain, sweating. You just went after FAULKNER! But it’s amazing and I’d love to hear more! Maybe this should be a new thread–‘which revered author kind of…sucks?!’


… I’m not sure if you’re agreeing with me or disagreeing with me. But if there is a thread like that created, I’ve got two that instantly come to mind.

Wait, three if you count contemporary.


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