WHO is going to win today's emoji contest?!!!!!!


@prisim is in the lead … Let's christen the new IYW with the "How Long Should a Chapter Be" topic!
followed by @Makaylasophia If your character were to write a bio, what would it say?
and @addy Tell me about your pen name!

Confessions of a Wattpadder vol. 2

participants can only win once, btw :wink:


Wait I’m lost…emoji contest? :confused:




Vote for meeeeeee! You know you want a psycho bunny emoji!


What if we get in a tie? Lol


Dang it, I need to post a topic here but I don’t come IYW often (and that’s both WP and here) :joy:


you all win!


What size width in px should the emoji be? (I’m determined to win one day)


Oh cool! That’s awesome




What are the podiums so far?


like, who is in the lead??? for today, so far it’s YOU in the lead :slight_smile:


Oh okay cx