Who isn't eligible for the Wattys?

I’m not. First book was posted too long ago
Second book isn’t complete, and even if I posted all chapters on here at once, it wouldn’t have 50,000 words.

Is this site having a joke?

bro, me too. i finished my book back in april and i’m still not eligible. how’s that possible?

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This site is trying to become less popular, i swear.
They make rules that aren’t even real in the big wide world.


I’m not even sure where to go or when they need us to enter the book, if we do finish in time XD I don’t know if I’ll enter, but it’d be nice to give it a shot, if I do make the word limt lol

I think normally the Wattys only lets you submit books around a year old. They’re pretty lenient this year, now that they’ve changed things around. It probably helps with submissions too, not having people submit the same book over and over.

50K is just normal novel length. They said that there’d be another contest for shorter books and poetry. You could go for that one.


It’s not open yet.

I guess I could delete my book and post it again…


You could! If it’s not open, when is it supposed to open? I’m not even sure where to find it honestly.

13 July


Ok cool! Thanks! :blush:

Me! Me! I’m not eligible!

Not eligible. All my books are too short. My longest is 45k words and I can’t shoehorn any more into it.

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Also, the Wattys gave me so much agony last year. They call it a celebration, but it feels more to me like a cutthroat brawl.


I’d second deleting and re-posting it. You have until September anyway, so you could always go through editing, or even start something new, or expand on your second novel.
50,000 words is totally attainable - that’s normal novel length (minimum too) and many people manage a first draft of 50k for National Novel Writing Month.

You can do it!


I am not eligible either, but then again I need to get back to writing.

They’re taking steps to encourage serious writers, and not gonna lie, I appreciate it.

Last year’s Wattys was flooded with partly-finished and in some cases incredibly random entries that were an endless frustration for those who poured their work into writing and finishing novel-length works. Wattpad has been hemorrhaging serious writers for years, and revamping their biggest contest to give people who write often, write well, and finish their books a serious pool of competition is something real Wattpad users have been pushing for for a long time.

They’ve given their justification in their Wattys guidebook, and I think they’ve made fair calls on who’s eligible. They need an ending to judge a full book’s quality, so only finished books can apply. They’re encouraging full-length novels and matching the requirements of Wattpad’s other programs like Stars and Paid, so they’ve defined a “novel” as 50k words and up. And this is a yearly contest, so having an ever-growing pool of people resubmitting the same works over and over instead of improving their craft and writing new stories is simply impractical. And unfair to people with newer works.

Also, this :point_down:

Do the new requirements leave some writers out in the cold? Yeah. But they’re also not cripplingly hard to meet, and they don’t come from nowhere. So I’m not going to complain.


It’ll be most of two years from now on. Anything posted from this past January onwards will be eligible for next year’s Wattys.


I am a serious writer. Just because my story is below 50k that means I’m not serious?


Agreed. I think this setup makes a lot more sense, especially the requirement of being completed. I’ve taken some heat for saying that completed work should have an advantage for various things, but the fact of the matter is so many stories are left incomplete. I know it sucks while it’s in progress because you know you’re going to finish it, but no one else does and we’ve all been burned.

I got tagged recently in an incomplete book by someone who was recommending me to someone who had commented. They were incredibly frustrated that the book wasn’t finished, and the book had won a Watty.


That’s not what was being said. Serious writers with books below 50K will be eligible for a separate contest.

Really, it’s actually a good thing for both types of writers. Writing a novel and writing a novella are two very different things. This will put everyone’s work on a more even playing field, in my opinion.


But my book only got completed last year, or something like that.
If I delete it and post again, it’s won’t have any reads.

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