who wants to rant about everything?


Every type of rant accepted, just don’t use strong language or be too insulting. Sorry if I don’t reply too often, I will try to reply as often as I can, but due to poor internet and the fact that I’m half-asleep I may reply quite lately. And I go to school, so, yup.
Looking forward to your rants!


You wanna hear me rant about my father? BC I have just recently that he’s not the great guy I used to think he was.


please do


He treats me like shit. I had to come home from college because I was in a very very bad place mentally and not long before that, my brother got out of prison and came home and like my brother got away with sleeping all day every day for like 3 weeks, but i got yelled at when I got back for taking a nap in the middle of the day because I left a cup right next to me. And I’m so sick of him treating all the girls in my family like we are beneath him. My Grandfather (his dad) was and still is abusive and all my life my dad complained about it, but little does he realize he is becoming his father. Especially now that his dad is back in his life.


If you want, you can read my rant about the parody of a country I live in (Czechia).

Rant here
  • This nation constantly inclines towards racism, xenophobia, homophobia, islamophobia and all other forms of hateful and intolerant ideologies. Xenophobia is a cultural norm and a person who is against it is harrassed or downright attacked. People and organizations who fight against hate, discrimination or inequality are ridiculed and heavily harrassed.
  • Toxic nationalism. Czechs often disguise their hateful views as “patriotism” and the people who disagree are marked as “treasoners”. They also tend to be fooled into believing anything as long it’s masked as patriotic values.
  • The Czech prime minister is prosecuted for serious financial frauds. He misused his (adult) children to cover his frauds, kidnapped his son into a dangerous area occupied by Russia so he can’t testify against him, and when he did anyway, his father proclaimed him a schizophrenic. Despite all these horrendous acts and the evidences against him, the minister keeps lying about his innocence. And, the worst of all, he hasn’t been impeached yet and he claims he will “never abdicate, never, never”. His government is still active like nothing happened.
  • The president - a vile, disgusting, foul and vindictive alcoholic who is seriously ill and can barely stand, but never admits it. He used words “c_nt” and “f_ckers” in live broadcast so even children could hear it. One of his scandals involved him accusing a repsected journalist from adoring Hitler in one of his essays. The essay was never found and the president was sentenced for an apology to the journalist’s family. He never did. He also frequently “jokes” about killing journalists and spits hate on everyone who opposes his opinions (which are the same as point 1 says).
  • The Czechs are extremely gullible and tend to fall into the traps of blatant populism even though the ones who spread it are proven to be despicable people (both the president and the prime minister were elected properly).
  • Extreme islamophobia. Muslims are the most hated group and all attempts to explain the true nature of the religion is immediately considered a “leftist propaganda”. The politicians can win elections simply by pushing extreme anti-immigration opinions. The people intensely inveigh again muslim immigrants even though there’s not a single one in the country. Some time ago, the country even denied a temporary shelter for fifty young children , orphans from the Middle-Eastern war zones.
  • There is an economical immigrant from Japan who built his political carreer on opposing immigration, outlawing islam or demolishing mosques.
  • In the local version of Grammy or MTV awards, the prize is usually won by an alt-right band with aggressive xenophobic/islamophobic lyrics. Their singer is confirmed to be a former singer of an openly neo-nazi band.
  • Neo-nazis, alt-rights and similar hateful garbages are generally better accepted than groups which openly oppose hate, racism and xenophobia.
  • Czechs still view homosexuality and other LGBT orientations as something unnatural, something which should be outlawed and eradicated. They are strictly against same-sex marriage (which isn’t even legal here and all the attempts to legalize it ended in a failure) or adoption for gay couples. They believe in “oppression of straight white man by the leftist propaganda”.
  • A scary big percentage of Czechs denies ADHD and claims “the children who can’t behave right just need some good beating’.”
  • Alcohol in Czechia isn’t an illness, it’s a way of life. The country leads the worldwide rankings of alcohol consumption. People who don’t drink are ridiculed and seen as something inferior. Getting plastered on social events is a cultural norm and the people usually start drinking at 14 or even younger.
  • The Czech culture is dying. Music usually contains either unoriginal pop or pub rock for middle-aged beer dads. Majority of the movies are idiotic “comedies”. Good Czech writers can be counted on fingers. Save for a few exceptions, everything lacks depth or at least artistic qualities able to satisfy more picky audience.
  • Czechia spent about 40 years in communist totality full of repressions, injustice, informing, political murders, propaganda and lies. Yet a lot of people, especially the older ones, remember it as a “golden age” where everything was perfect.
  • Lately, Czechs started to hate the European Union and demand “Czexit” even though it would mean an economical suicide. Even though Czechia is one of the countries who draws the most European grands.
  • Czechs are horribly misinformed and refuse to accept facts even though they’re supported by numerous evidences (“propaganda”). Their favorite sources of information are “patriotic” groups on social media and on-line magazines with alt-right rhethorics.
  • Czechia is Europe’s most atheist country. No religion means nothing is sacred to them. Czechs often claim the churches are “frauds and spreaders of fairytale bullshit” and they follow the religious values only when they are denouncing homosexuals.
  • The country is constantly ridiculed by other countries which have no idea how could the Czechs let the things go so far. Czechia is stranding further and further away from the developed countries.
  • Czechs generally aren’t nice people. Of course, I have my family, my friends - there are many Czechs I’d give my life for. But overall, the Czech “qualities” listed above make them hard to deal with and they are only welcoming if you follow their twisted opinions and drink beer.


Biggest rant is probably that Wattpad stories are not getting published AT ALL. Doesn’t matter what you upload - nothing appears in any searches. it’s been this way for over a month now.