Who Was Your First Celebrity Crush?


Celebrity name.
Year of crush.
Reason (optional)


Andrew McCarthy.
McCarthy played these geeky but cool characters in the 80’s–and I loved it!


Christina Ricci when I watched Casper.

Around the year 1995.

I like that large anime girl face of hers.


I like Ricci. She has a unique and stunning look.


I had a hard time picking. I mean she still has a special place, despite also liking Emma Watson.

And not for Harry Potter, she was great in Beauty And The Beast.


Tom felton 2012 and Ranbir kapoor from bollywood <3 <3 <3


Aamir Khan
He’s cute, adorable and perfect. The other man in my life =]


Hope to meet him someday… :kissing_heart:


Oh gosh dont even ask me why…I cringe thinking about it but yeah
Daniel Radcliffe
Eh pretty much half of my teens up until I was about 16 or 17 or maybe 18 I forget it was after 2010…
LoL you guys know him…HE PLAYED HARRY POTTER which was kinda why I liked him facepalm
I was a huuuge fan back in my day of HP…ive lost touch…I guess you could say I grew out of that phase and I grew up? Set my sights on someone I could actually be with but not anymore?! Guys dont always realize you like them.
I think I also realized Celebrity crushes dont actually work out and they arent exactly well real if you get my drift…I mean yeah we like them admire them, but at the end of the day Do we KNOW THEM? Not really right?! So how can you fall in love with someone you dont really know. It wasn’t exactly PRACTICAL…A Wattpad book really drove that in too - Follow Me Back by @adam_and_jane - its awesome. It made real sense too. I think that partly why DR was the first and the last celebrity crush i had. Sure I like one or celebs but i dont crush on them…it doesnt feel real…they’re human but im just not in their league so why dillude myself right?
Sorry I know…I probably sound too brash or rude…i mean no.offence. just stating my opinion is all…


Super cringe + super cliche :joy:

Taylor Lautner


He was just super cute (even though I cringe now :joy:) in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and Cheaper by the Dozen. They were my fave fave movies! (still are :sweat_smile:)


I wanna say Ricci was also mine, and also would have probably been Casper.


the movie van helsing.
Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale.
14 year old me could not pick one I mean

trenchcoat, long curls, high heels monster hunting
this was the stuff bissexual dreams are made of




Emmy Rossum, around 2011-2012-ish
I was very into phantom of the opera when I was a kid. I don’t blame me, she is gorgeous :woman_shrugging:


Lmao mine was Katie McGrath in Merlin when it was running and then I kind of crushed on her again in other shows later on


At the time I was a little baby queer and I was oblivious to to fact that I didn’t want to either be morgana or be best friends with morgana, but instead I wanted to kiss her and date her tbh

I remember season one, and I remember how she was so sweet and perfect, however when she soon began to have her breakdown I suddenly felt like she was real ya know and I wanted to comfort her and be by her and for her to like me and then when she turned evil it hit me

So yeah she was mine


Me three! Absolutely adore Johnny from Pirates of the Caribbeans, he never fails to make me laugh and he’s SO not bad looking for his age. Like, the amount of times I’ve fantasised us marrying… :joy::joy::joy:


Hey, I don´t remember :c


OMG legit same, johnny Depp and also young Leonardo DiCaprio :rofl:



Year of Crush: 2013 - Now.


Reason: Nice voice, good heart, A skinny legend (I’m sorry.)


Johnny Depp/Leonardo DiCaprio
1995/1997-present day
Reason: Because Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbet Grape happened :'D


They were so adorable! And that’s how I remember them.