Who Was Your First Celebrity Crush?


I think I had a crush on Gene Kelly in 2002(?). I was obsessed with Singin’ in the Rain as a toddler. But I don’t really remember it.

First one I can clearly remember:
Celebrity name: Harrison Ford
Year of crush: 2004-2010 (might be wrong)
Photo: (Can’t get a picture to connect)
Reason (optional): My obsession changed from Singin’ in the Rain to Indiana Jones. He was hot when he was young.


And when they’re your childhood celebrity crushes, they’ll forever stay like that xD


That’s a bit funny, because my mom’s celebrity crush is Harrison Ford, she always smiles so lovingly whenever she watches one of his movies and just sighs and goes, “Oh Harrison…” :'D


Zac Efron


Justin Bieber


I can understand your mom’s crush. I feel the same with mine (Aamir Khan) . There’s this big goofy smile on my face, mouth open, eyes never leaving the screen and thinking all time “Wish I could meet him someday.” :joy: Feel like a love-struck teenager with him. lol




I’ve had way too many celebrity crushes, but I think my first was either Frankie Muniz or Justin Berfield when they were in Malcolm in the Middle.


Quite honestly, I still very much love these two, even though you don’t really hear too much about them these days (especially Justin).

Johnny Depp was definitely another, along with Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Jared Leto. Keira Knightley and Liv Tyler too.


I’m pretty sure it was someone one Disney Channel but I can’t really remember. I remember having a huge crush on Kim Possible even though she was a cartoon, LOL. I remember liking Hermione, too.


This hot man. Mr Eddie Vedder and I’m still crushing on him.

Year of chrush 1996 - and forever…

His voice, his mind, his eyes and his body.


That hugh Jackman.

I have Really! mixed feelings about Antonio Banderas.


Omfg yassss, those brothers were cute - Francis was always my favourite, I could relate to him the most :smiley:

What was the name of the youngest one - Drewie? Dewey? :thinking:


Name: Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys
Year: Like 1997, 1998. maybe 1999. Sometime in that era. (I was real young.)
He was my favorite Backstreet Boy (don’t ask me why, he just was). Nowadays, I’m more of a Kevin fan xD


Dewey was the name of the second youngest, with Jamie being the youngest in the show that we see. There’s a sixth kid that we no nothing about as the mom, Lois found out she was pregnant again right at the end of the final episode (personally, I like to imagine they finally got a little girl).


it’s odd but i never had a crush on a celeb


Adam Gontier
Year of crush: 2008ish

Do I need a specific reason? :heart_eyes: His voice is Godly, his screams are amazing, and he’s so damn handsome. Amazing stage presence, too!


Celebrity name Rami Malek
Year of crush 2006 or 2007 I think
Photo image
Reason (optional) bc how can you not jk. bc i expected a scary ass disgusting mummy to pop out during the unwrapping scene but then this wonderful gorgeous prince came out.


Celebrity name: Enrique Iglesias :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Year of crush: 2013

Reason: I didn’t know he exists until I heard on TV some news about him, but still I wasn’t interested and I didn’t pay enough attention, then, later on, I had a dream where I actually met him but I haven’t any idea who is he, then I googled and found out he is a singer. That’s the moment where obsession began. XD :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I wish Emma Watson still wore Birkenstocks.

I have a difficult time thinking of celebrity crushes, but I have different ones per decade. Emma Watson has been fairly consistent.

Like Jennifer Lawrence, I think the reason I like Emma as she doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl to let herself be pushed around.


My favourite BSB was AJ and Kevin :joy: