Who'a Interested in Self-Publishing?

I know I am! My problem is I just don’t know the steps to take. I have a story(or 2 or 3). Once I edit them to the best of my abilities, what do I do next? Anyone out there have good advice for a writer at this stage in their journey?


I might try Amazon’s KDP at some point if traditional publishing doesn’t work. It’s fairly easy to create an account and begin self publishing with them.


You can easily self-publish on Amazon, and then from there on it’s a matter of promoting it yourself. I’ve published one book on Amazon, and I took up the option to have it included in Kindle Unlimited, which is their lending library. The lending library has a periodical pool of income derived from membership subscriptions, and you get a % based on how many reads your book gets. I think; I published a few years ago and have never checked on the stats.

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Hi there. I moved your thread to the Industry Insider club as you might get better results there for what you’re looking for. Thank you for understanding.

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I’m interested in publishing as a whole. I’m not too sure about self-publishing though as it can be very costly and there’s a lot to do on the business side of things. I’m probably leaning more towards traditional publishing… :woman_shrugging:

But I advise watching Jenna Moreci on YouTube as she’s a self-published writer and her content is all about self-publishing (among other things). :wink:

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Is it hard to upload chapters on Amazon? I’m thinking about self-publish myself maybe late this year or early next. I know I need a cover on Fiverr. But is it hard to figure out? I’ve been debating on self or go trad. Leaning more to self nowadays. :slight_smile:

Self publishing is both easy and hard. It’s easy to upload your book to Smashwords or Amazon KDP. It’s hard to do it well. But if you don’t do it well, there’s not really much chance of success. If you’re serious about self-publishing, you should do a lot of research about self publishing in general and the books most similar to yours that are currently doing well on Amazon.

Things you probably need to be successful:

  1. A professionally-edited manuscript. I would suggest getting impartial feedback from fans of the genre to make sure your story appeals to readers. Nice comments on Wattpad really isn’t enough proof that the book is ready for showtime.

  2. A cover that appeals to the readers of your particular genre. Have a look on Amazon and see what kind of covers are doing well. This should, at the minimum, probably cost several hundred dollars. Original artwork can go well over 1k.

  3. A release / marketing plan. Where will you advertise? Will you approach blogs / reviewers for early reviews? How long until you ca drop another book or the sequel? Do you have a website? A mailing list interested readers can join?

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You don’t upload chapters. You put books up for sale, ebooks or print or both.

Think of the last novel you read that you got from the library or bought. That’s what you put on Amazon KDP.

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But it’s not easy to get people to find your book and buy it. Just putting a book on KDP means it will be lost in the tens of millions of other books.

Check out Lindsay Buroker’s website here.

She’s a self-published Indie author, and she posts in her blog helpful tips about self-publishing, covers research, and more. She ran an experiment two or so years ago, where she changed her name and genre, ordered book covers off Fiverr (or a similar provider), and used different marketing tactics to make it popular. One of the things she emphasizes, especially if you’re writing a series, is to release multiple books at a time. People want instant satisfaction with series, and they’re not going to wait a year for your next one unless you offer enough bait. I think her tactic is three books in a series, all at once and for free/KDP, and then the rest come out every 6 months.

No, you must publish the whole book, and Amazon doesn’t exactly make it easy to update the book once you’ve uploaded and published. You have to have a legitimate reason to update, and even then they might not update already bought books, just your personal copy. Hence, when you publish, you need it to be ready. There’s no takebacks (well, there are, but it’s not easy–you get my point).


Will do and thanks. I already have 3 books done. So, no issue on that part. (YA/ Teen romance saga) I’m just waiting on editing. So… yeah lol

And I’m working on two new ones inbetween. (Keeping me busy)Since i think self-pub might be easier for me. So, i’m happy to learn whatever I can.

Wow the responses have been extremely helpful so far. I’ll be honest, I was wary already and the task is starting to seem bigger and bigger with each suggestion. I guess there is a lot of work ahead of me.

I self published on Amazon and honestly if you don’t have the time to market your book I would not put the effort into self-publishing. Although it is really cool that I have a physical print copy of my own book!

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That’s one of my concerns. I know NOTHING about marketing, nothing!

and neither do I! That’s why I decided to come back to my safe zone which is wattpad LOL. There is a lot of help out there for self-publishing beginners though, you just really need to put the effort in!

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Thanks, @tracydee18. I’ll start by watching some of the suggested YouTube videos and see what I’m really getting into.

Best of luck to you!

To be honest, you have to do every bit as much marketing if you’re traditionally published. Yes, they help with launch, but really the lion’s share of marketing (and whether your book succeeds or fails) is ultimately on you.

Not sure that’s any comfort. lol

You can try Joanna Penn’s “How to Market a Book”. She covers everything you might want to know on the subject. Marketing will take a fair share of your time, but without it, I would not consider self-ubbing.