Whose POV do you prefer writing in?


Most people prefer writing in third person while hardly any choose the second person. Is there any genre which work for second person writings? Which person do you prefer writing in and why?

Do you prefer having a narrator in things you write or read, like Riverdale has Jughead?


Second person is really hard to do, because it essentially makes the reader the protagonist. I’ve seen it done before in adventure books, where the reader chooses the path the story goes in.

As for my preferences, I like first person. If I do write in third person, it’s third limited.


Are you talking about those interactive stories on apps like episode? Other than that, I have only seen them in fan fictions with “you x any of your idols”
I do agree that it’s really difficult to write in but which adventure stories are you talking about? Could you link a few if it’s not a hassle to you?

also, what’s third limited?


As someone who learned how to write by writing CYOA’s, they’re not that hard.


Here’s a shitty example of one that I did a while back on the Wattpad threads:



Wouldn’t it be difficult to incorporate it into a novella style?


This does seem super fun though.


Depends on what the novella is about. Second person is best utilized when you want to throw the reader directly into the action. For example, I wrote this tiny excerpt last week, I think:

You comply, trying your best to adjust yourself until the lieutenant gives you the go ahead to shoot the arrow. She stands there, her full attention on you, as you pull your fingers back, feeling the strings go taut. Your eyes stay focused on the tree, willing the arrow to hit its target.

And then, in one swift motion, you let go, watching as the arrow flies free. The bow almost slips out of your hand, but this time, you tighten your grip. Your mouth hangs open as you watch the arrow soaring towards its target. Any second now. Any second now, it should hit.

CYOA’s are super fun! I actually wrote one a long while back about a dating simulator.

It starred some characters from my writing.


I’ve seen them in Choose Your Own Adventure books (like @Lumi is talking about). I don’t have any Wattpad-specific examples, since I truthfully haven’t looked for any on there.

Third person limited is when the story is in third person and only follows the interiority of one character. It’s like first person in the sense that it really focuses only on the protagonist, but uses he / she / they pronouns instead.

Third omniscient would be when the narrator follows the interiority of more than one character, though this shouldn’t be confused with dual POV. Third omniscient follows more than one character at the same time.


We covered POV in my writing class recently.

There’s so many of them! More than I knew before!

  • First Person Singular (I)
  • First Person Plural (We)
  • Second Person Singular (You)
  • Second Person Plural (You all)
  • Third Person Omniscient (“God complex”)
  • Third Person Distant (“Godless complex”)
  • Third Person Limited


@lumi CYOAs do seem super fun. Also I just read your whole wattpad edition of this and I demand you bring it back XD it was wild :joy_cat:

@Makaylasophia Oh! I didn’t know that. Thank you :blush:

@lumi holy macaroni and cheese! I didn’t realize there were so many POVs. Thank you :smile_cat:


@addy You read the whole thing? Dang. That’s some dedication. :joy:

I agree, though. CYOA’s are great. CYOA’s are how I got into writing.

I didn’t realize that either until the other week! First person plural creeps me out.


@lumi or maybe I don’t have anything to do that’s a lie. I gotta study welp. but procrastination is my middle name
I was sort of rooting for a non-binary MC lol.

I just realized I haven’t read a lot of different POVs but yes I can imagine first person plural being too much to take in.


@addy Oooh, what are you procrastinating now?

I’d totally be down to writing an nb MC someday.

Some people in my writing class used it for one of our last assignments.

Creepiest thing I’ve ever read.


I prefer writing in third person limited and first person. These are the main two that most people tend to choose, and it’s also the main ones I have read - both on and off Wattpad. I have hardly read any story told in an omniscient point of view… so it’s rare for me to see it. And it’s not my cup of tea either because it just feels weird to me. I like being in one person’s head. Not to mention, it’s incredibly hard to master and make it well written.

Second person is a very rare point of view and it’s not commonly liked because it feels unnatural in most cases. I, personally, wouldn’t know what kind of genre works well with it though.

As I said, I prefer both third person limited and first person. I mainly choose it based on my story, and not really my preference at time. Lol. I like them because I do like getting in the character’s head and the details that come with it. I love details!


I used to prefer first person point of view but now I prefer third person point of view. It makes it easier for the writer/reader to get involved in the story.


We Need to Talk About Kevin is a beautiful example of 2nd person being done well


It changes. The story decides for me. In the first chapter, if I use first person more than third person limited, I use first. If third person is dominant, I use that one. I heard many people turn away from first person though, so I try not to write in that one.


@AliciaM21 Agreed. Being in too many heads at once is just not my cup of tea and it sort of takes the magic of reading away for me. I like to be kept in suspense about the feelings or emotions of the other characters and focus on one.

@SummahRocks Definitely. They are easy to master and definitely easier to read.

@uncleL oh! Thank you. I’ll definitely give it a read :slight_smile:

@JaneTheFox yeah, I believe most of us practice that. I don’t think people turn away from first person though. It’s just that first person doesn’t work all the time with all writing styles.

@lumi That’s awesome. Would love to read books with nb MCs. I keep procrastinating over studies welp


I write in first person because I like the challenge it gives me.

You have to write the story from that person’s POV, you have to allow their perceptions and history to colour interactions and people around them. You are limited to what they see or know and you can give nothing other than that.

I find it limiting and for some reason the challenge of it makes me really happy.