Why are you a writer?

I don’t always want to write, but when I do I feel it flow and I love that. I do a lot of different writing, mainly because my job requires me to. At the beginning of the pandemic, when it was announced that I would be working from home for the foreseeable future I began a journal to catch my fleeting thoughts, anxieties, fears, goals, hopes, dreams.

I also write on wattpad (occasionally). Just wrote my first post in almost a year, it felt great.

So! Why do you write?

Hmmmm. Well tbh I write because I have ideas and concepts in my mind that I want to see come to existence, and that I want to share with anyone who may be interested. Some other times I may want to write a story purely based on allegories in order to address real word problems through story, instead of direct commentary.


because i lack the CG budget to write TV shows, and hobbies are expensive, especially when you have limited mobility and vehicle use.


It’s a release and escape for me. Writing lets me channel and release all of the creative energy pent up inside. I’ve got too many ideas floating around in my noggin to let them stay there. It might blow up if I don’t let some of it out :laughing: Writing is also lets me escape the stresses going on around me. I can escape to these made up worlds and writing allows me sense of control and stability in a crazy, unpredictable world. And finally, I like to entertain people :grin: I like to give people a place of escape, too :blush:


There’s a feeling of fulfillment I get from creative activities, and it’s the best feeling in the world. I do get more of it from drawing, but there’s more to why I want to write.

It feels more complete, more of a journey instead of a single image, more satisfying to come back to.

I can express myself in ways I can’t with drawing. Bring tropes and fantasies I have to life. In a way, on its own, writing feels more solid with drawing.

And honestly, my favorite thing is making illustrated stories- though I have to make sure not to get too drawn into the drawing or I’ll stop writing :joy:
I wish I could make comics, but I don’t have a scanner and I haven’t figured out how to do text in krita.


I love the ability to “try on” scenarios with writing. Just because you write it one way, doesn’t mean that it has to be that way.


Wow! You seem incredibly talented and creative! I love it. Keep creating!

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Thank you!

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Let it flow!!

I feel the ideas part. Sometimes stories just come in little itty bitty parts. Writing forces me to capture those thoughts, draw them out, play with them!


I like to connect with people through stories


Then write and escape!


did that for a while, figured i wrote enough and need to let people catch up and i’m waiting on feedback before adding more sequels. meanwhile i’m considering writing an episodic “winging it” novel that get’s released a few episodes at a time until i quit. motivation dipped after page 15. so that may never even get off the ground.

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I’m the same :laughing:

I love art but I definitely have no talent or patience for drawing, painting, etc. I also like comics (though I don’t get to read actual comics often) and have ideas I would like to see come to life one day. I’ll often daydream about being a writer for DC or Marvel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


actually the goal way back when was prettier and more noble but i think it’s looking like a sugar coated pipe-dream now.

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Totally agree. Getting into the flow of writing feels amazing!! :heart:

I totally understand. The pandemic has given us all a lot of time and new emotions.

Congratulations!! That’s great! :slightly_smiling_face:

Me? I write because I don’t have a choice!! Lmao. I’ve tried stopping but it just doesn’t work out. I always have stories that push into my head and won’t leave until I sit down and write four chapters :rofl:

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Exactly! People don’t always have the patience to do it all. I’ve only done one big collab, a slideshow story called Sparkyman that me and my sister did. She handled all the writing and editing and all I had to do was make some of the drawings and most of the music for it. (my sister edited the music I made and one other sister did a jaw harp track for it)

When I see webtoons I wish I could make one myself… someday i’ll have the software and figure out how to do it!

with shorter, more comedic slideshow stories, (I just can’t fit the idea of a serious slideshow story into my mind somehow, to think of a plot for one) though, I so wish I had a writer and editor who I could work with. I have no ideasss :joy:

oh my gosh I’m watching this again and the subtle humor in Sparkyman Origins: The Birth of a Hero gets me every time :joy:


That is amazing! I wish I could crank out that much in a sitting. It feel like mine comes in short frequent bursts. It’s usually only a couple pages at a time. But four chapters! Hats off to you!

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It can take a while, lol :sweat_smile: and then usually after I get the four chapters out I feel sated and have to force myself to work on it again :rofl:

Hey, as long as the inspiration comes, it doesn’t matter if it’s short bursts or long bursts! :heart:

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I write to master my craft. I have these ideas flowing through my brain and I just want to share them with the world. It’s such an exciting journey and experience! The ability to convey realities and emotions through text is so…thrilling.