Why Bats?


Something I notice a lot is vampires are associated with bats…

Why bats?

To me, they remind me more of cats, which brings me to another question that someone asked in another thread (was just in a vampire discussion thread), why do vampires and werewolves fight?

Well, when I saw that question, it brought me back to how I personally think of vampires as more feline like than bat like: cats and dogs are known to dislike each other, so, that could be an explanation to why werewolves and vampires are at war so often.

I wanna hear from all of you vamp lovers on why you do (or do not) think vampires are like bats.


I think it has to do with the fact that they suck on blood and don’t go out at night. But I’m curious as to why they remind you more of cats!?


well (from what I have seen) is they generally land on their feet, they’re fast, nocturnal or night creatures (which cats are), fangs, which cats have, and some other behaviors are like cats. People think of cats as solitary creatures, some are, some are wanderers, like some vampires are, also, cats are actually very social creatures, just as vampires seem to be as well.


There’s a species of bat that’s called a vampire bat because it’s sucks the blood of big animals (and of course comes out at night).

I doubt bats were connected to vampires centuries ago. It was probably added on somewhat recently (the past 250 years, I’m assuming) to make it even more creepy to kids.



Because of this face. I think it’s cute though.

Traditional vampires are able to transform into a cloud of bats, rats, a wolf, or mist. So they’re basically the embodiment of all things that hunt at night.

Furthermore, I think it’s because vampire bats are able to drink the blood of domestic animals without them feeling a thing, much like how vampires seduce humans to feed.

That’s mostly modern fiction. Throughout most of folklore, they were basically the same thing. It’s simply the fur vs fang trope.


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I’d also like to point out that like vampires, bats are nocturnal.


so are cats


Do you mind if I use that idea? Of vampires turning into cats?


Bats are basically flying rats in a historical sense. A lot of diseases (ebola, rabies etc), originate from bats and are transmitted by them, so it would make sense that in the past people would’ve thought of them as ‘cursed’, which then plays into vampire mythology. Folklore was a good way to rationalize natural processes in a time when we didn’t have science, so vampires and drinking blood could be associated with anemia and wasting diseases, while werewolves could’ve been associated with murder, animal attacks etc.


I don’t care, in mine their mythology will be they originated from cats or something, or are related to them in some way


Cool. Might have to read your story then. (I just want to use it as a plot point where the recently turned character gets excited because he thinks he can turn into a bat and fly around but turns into a cat instead and it’s just awkward.)


I haven’t put it in yet, also, you may get lost in all my works


What’s the title of the one it’s going in so I know which one to look for?


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lol I’ll just browse through them then.