Why can I edit people's titles now?



I just became a regular.

And now, I can edit people’s titles, recategorize threads, and add/create tags.

This is too much power for one mere user.

Ask the Ambassadors Anything.
The SUPER Secret Society of People Who Want to Run Away and Live in the Woods 2

Creating Tags is cool- But I think the rest of this needs to be Amb permissions. Too many people will abuse this xD



The edits made to my thread


@Makaylasophia This thread is probably relevant to you, too.


Yep, I was placed into it, too. We were both placed in at the same time, so was it manually added, or added at midnight EST based on our number of visit days?

Apparently the only other people in it are ambassadors, and one other person who I haven’t seen posting.

I can definitely see this going haywire. I don’t mind helping (I’ve applied to the ambassadors a few times with the hopes of helping in the clubs), but I know there’s a lot of trolls who would really mess things up.


I think it was manually added. Discourse has a criteria for upgrading people’s trust levels.

Considering how hard it is to become a regular, I’m sure it won’t be too bad?

Some limits placed on it would be good, though.


Limits, for sure. Since the clubs haven’t even been around for the default requirements for regular, it was either a manual add or the requirements were changed.

Anyone lurking, here’s the specific post about reaching “regular status”:


Yeah I was reading through- It does have to be confirmed by a moderator for you to level up to regular so it might not be that bad.


I’m betting it was done manually since we both became regulars at the same time.

I’m thinking any title/category/tag changes should be approved by club mods first.


For some reason I keep looking and can’t find where it says this I’m also very tired


I can’t find it either.



Read the entire bullet point.

  • must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator)

Moderators must confirm the amount of flags, not confirm a user to be promoted.


Yeah but if you aren’t confirmed you can’t go through.

So technically it is moderator approved :smiley:


But… if you’re a troll, you can’t go through.


What are regulars? Is it some sort of new status?


It’s a trust level. See the links shared above for more information.


Thank you


I’m sure people will slip by- Depending on whose in charge of looking through the reports and such


Not if it’s system operated. It was automatic when it promoted me and @Makaylasophia