Why did your character...?

Welcome to “Why did your character?”! This is a character and plot development game to help you get into your characters’ heads and determine their motives, goals, thoughts, and actions. for example, why did you antagonist kill your protagonists parents? There’s always a reason–that is, if it’s a realistic story.

How it works:
One member answers the above question and then they can phrase a similar question for the next member to answer. If there isn’t a scene like this in your book, you can use it as a hypothetical and just use your character.
Q: Why did your character get drunk last night?
A: Because he broke up with his girlfriend and believes it will help him forget.
Please: Try not to just say “Well, I think my character did this because…” Don’t answer it for your character, have your character answer it. This doesn’t mean to have them talking, necessarily, just have them think the way they do and come up with a reason.

First question: Why did your character betray a friend, loved one, or ally?

For power. He tells himself that it will help him protect his sister, but he’s lying. He wants power to have control over others, because he’s been controlled his entire life.

Question: Why did your character kill a loved one?

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Feedback: Awesome! I can tell you’ve put some thought into your character. Sometimes characters don’t even realize that they’re lying to themselves, too.

Answer: Emma had to kill (or at least she thought she did) her ex-fiance who she still had feelings for because he had a breakdown and created a machine in which to control weather and a serum to cause her animals to become deranged, threatening her family and their farm. No one else could help her as she was in the middle of a terrific storm and didn’t want her family to die. She had to face him alone and realize for herself that there was no other choice.

Question: Why did you character alter their body (tattoos, hair, plastic surgery, etc.)?

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Feedback : Sounds like someone who does whats necessary to help the majority. She seems like the type to question herself often.

Answer : Luzia dyes her hair different colors often as possible. She finds normal hair colors boring. Plus, she thinks it goes great with her tomboyish, rock chick look.

Question : Why did your character lose a fight?


He was drunk and as a result, in a very emotional state.

Question: Why did your character have something against the antagonist?

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Answer: Alpha Wolf (Sira Kato) has something against All for One because All for One is her great(x10) grandfather that killed all of the blood line except for her.

Question: Why did your character leave their best friend to go to another country?

Answer: Well…because his best friend is dead so :sweat_smile:

Question: Why did your character break the heart of their loved one?

Because Rex is a stubborn idiot and didn’t realize he was breaking his mom’s heart with his idiocy

Why did your character turn to drugs?

She was going mad from her mind and needed the voices to shut up.

Question: why did your character get a pet owl?

Because he was drunk and thought he was buying a cat

Question: Why did your character turn down the opportunity to be happy?


Answer: Because she wanted others to feel happy.

Question: Why did your character steal snacks from a convenient store?

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A: Because his group name is literally “The Phantom Thieves of America”, and by god if he wasn’t going to live up to that.

Q: Why did your character lie about their past?

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A: Because Alpha didn’t want others to worry about her. She had a really dark past. She hates it when others worry about her. As the number one hero that is as strong as All Might, she feels it is her duty to comfort those in need of it. Also to protect the ones that she cares about. She is afraid they could be taken by villains and get interrogated.
Mainly because she is the 11th generation descendant of All for One. If anybody knew about that, She is afraid that nobody will see for a hero. That they will all see her as a Villain instead.

Q: Why did you character not eat all day?

A: He was either training or passed out from training. He’s a dumbass that way

Q: Why did your character go a week on four total hours of sleep?

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A: Because Alpha was concerned about Alex’s health. She stayed up endlessly trying to figure out a formula for Alex’s lungs. (Alex is a students of hers)

Q: Why did your character fall in love with a dummy?

A: Because deep down, she makes him feel better about his own intelligence.

Q: Why did your character kill the cat?


A: He killed the cat?! I swear he didn’t mean to!

Q: Why did your character blow off their best friend?

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A: Because Asher was getting on his nerves and has been for the past decade.

Q: Why did your character lie about their family?

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A: Alpha’s family died, she don’t have one.

Q: Why did your character dress in all black?

A: Because he’s afraid if being emasculated for wearing any other color.

Q: Why did your character hurt the one they loved?