I have become tired of seeing books that seem pretty popular on the “new” section of a genre. WHY do they apply as new?! I see multiple books with over 100k reads on there!!! That is not fair to actual NEW books with hardly any reads.


I think it might mean “Newly updated”? I’ll try and look into it just to be sure. :slight_smile:


I ended up in Werewolf’s New too, while my book was several months old at the time. I was dead confused, but didn’t mind

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I thought it meant new books, because newly updated would not need a section for itself.

Yup, seems as if Wattpad needs to monitor it’s system.


Out of curiosity, though, why did you make the thread’s title full caps?


It grabs peoples’ attention, I wanted to see how many others found this same problem.

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I see.

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I’m just guessing, but hopefully I can return soon with something more substantial :smile:


With tags being iffy as it is in the hotlist, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just that those books are ‘frozen’ in place there, and it’s just that the actual list hasn’t updated.

It’d take actual research to figure out for 100% sure, though, but that’s just what I’m suspecting.

The list changes often. I don’t think they have found an effective way to categorize yet.

Ah, okay.
I tend to not use the different lists anyways when it comes to finding good stories to read, since learning that I can’t trust the hotlist to accurately show rankings, and other issues with the tags lasting months on and off. I guess it’s just a ‘wait and see’ at this point from the Ambassador.


Okay, I got an answer - sorry for the wait!

So the “New Section” is sorted like hot list by using an algorithm. What that algorithm entails is unknown. So the books are not necessarily brand new when they appear in that section.

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Figures. The algorithm is off majorly and should not be used for that category.

Wait, so what is “New,” then? Is it more like “Recently Updated,” or something else? It should more reflect what the algorithm is actually showing us, then. If it’s just what’s been updated in the last couple of days then it ought to be renamed to reflect that.

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I think Wattpad has set one algorithm for every specific category. Though I don’t think they thought it through.

I don’t actually know what the algorithm includes, so I can’t say how it works. All I know now is that the New Section works by algorithm a lá the Hotlists.

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Don’t you think by now they would know that the HOTLIST’s algorithm is not a good way to place books. I thought they would know their algorithm is faulty.

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I think that it’s a mixture between the two (newly updated and just posted stories), but that’s what I’ve noticed over the years? :woman_shrugging: :thinking: I mean, when I went onto the Teen Fiction “New” section, the very first stories weren’t new, but they were recently updated (today). But I feel like the algorithm is a bit off? I don’t know. xD

Years ago, before a lot of it had changed, I would recently update my story and I’d sometimes see it on the list. :woman_shrugging:

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